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Location: Galway, Ireland
Simon Kenny, author, technologist and educator
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Simon Kenny is an author, technologist and educator whose work combines probing questions with technical thinking. As a writer on the topics of spirituality and belief, he brings a keen awareness of philosophy and contemporary politics to his experience of spiritual and religious life. Now a ‘non-believer’, it is his life’s mission to understand the colourful forms that personal convictions often take. He does this with a grounding in the ceaseless autodidactic study that has become the cornerstone of an examined life. Simon is based in Galway, Ireland.


A Critical Introduction to Tarot: Examining the Nature of a Belief in Tarot

A Critical Introduction to Tarot: Examining The Nature of a Belief in Tarot

How does Tarot work? Why is it so popular today? Is it just for fortune tellers? Tarot has seen a recent uptick in interest that warrants explanation. This book, however, is not another take on the cards’ meanings and how to read them. Instead, independent researcher Simon Kenny presents Tarot to the incredulous and curious and those who wish to know the basis for its continued cultural relevance. A Critical Introduction to Tarot explains the practice in its historical and metaphysical contexts, and investigates its supporting belief structures, from witchcraft and magical practices to popular psychology. Throughout these pages, connections to politics, philosophy, psychology, numerology, astrology, Freemasonry, statistics, interpretative symbolism, self-help, social media — even the nature of truth itself — are explored. An accessible read aimed at demystifying Tarot for those unfamiliar with its magical, occult roots and growing use as a personal development tool.

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