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Smeetha Bhoumik

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Poet, Artist, Editor, Founder – Women Empowered – India (WE), 2016, Yugen Quest Review, 2021, Chief Editor- Equiverse Space – A Sound Home in Words, 2018. Author -Where I Belong – Moments, Mist & Song 2019; Return to Love – The Point of Poetry, 2021. IOWA Online Writers’ Workshop Certificate – 2015.

Artist of The Universe Series. Ten solo, forty five group shows, including Oxford International Art Fair, 2015, 2016, Barcelona Art Fair, 2013, Ref Dot Miami, 2014, Parallax, London, 2013, Jehangir Art Gallery 2010, Fine Art Kolkata, 2011, 2012, Artists’ Centre, Mumbai, 2003 to 2011.


Where I Belong -Moments, Mist & Song

Poetry collection exploring identity, belonging, paradise, perception, treasure, reality, concluding with ‘of dust’

Return To Love - The Point of Poetry

This collection explores the fascinating pathways that link poetry to natural phenomenon and muses on scientific principles…

  • The Dark Room: A thrilling new novel from the number one Irish Times bestselling author of Keep Your Eyes on Me
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