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Stephen Shortall

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From a young age, Stephen has always been an avid reader and fan of the fantasy genre. Influenced by many legends of the genre such as Robert Jordan, George RR Martin and Philip Pullman, Stephen began his passion for writing at eleven years old.

Stephen now offers editing and proofreading services, from structural editing to the final polish before publication. He is also delighted to meet up to discuss your project and to point you in the right direction. If interested, email him at stephen457@gmail.com.

The youngest of ten, Stephen studied English and Psychology in university before continuing on to complete his master’s degree in Old and Middle English. After suffering a traumatic brain injury in 2015, it pushed and focused his mind into writing his first novel, Power’s Wrath (2017), aiming to bring alive for his readers to enjoy an immersive world he has lovingly crafted over fourteen years.

In his free time, Stephen likes to dabble in different forms of art such as clay sculpting and painting, with a little knitting on the side. He loves to meet and support fellow newly-published writers and, if anyone needs a tea cozy, he’s your man!

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Power's Wrath

Are some sins to great to be forgiven?

The icy land of Screenia is plunged into disarray when its ruler is assassinated by a powerful unknown entity. Korin, the unwilling new king, wrestles with his own fears and desires, finding himself maneuvered into leading the kingdom into a counterattack he doesn’t support.

Only Calthus, an aging court advisor and sorcerer, knows the true danger facing Screenia’s invasion force, that an ancient evil, the Bo’Rai, is stirring again. Beset by mysterious attackers, the depleted army advances. Calthus grows more powerful but, with each step, the soul-destroying sins of his past come back to haunt him. But are his crimes too great for atonement?

Can he prevent the Screenians from marching towards their doom? Fans of all large-scale fantasy series should buy this book now and is available on Amazon

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