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Tommy Treacy

Location: Tipperary Town, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.
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I began my career working as a QC technician in Merck Sharp & Dohme Ballydine, Kilsheelan, Clonmel, and teaching for a period of time in the Vocational School Clonmel, Co. Tipperary.

After five years in St Patrick’s College Maynooth, Co. Kildare, I was ordained Deacon and ministered in the Irish dioceses of Cork & Ross and Waterford & Lismore.

I currently work in Griffith College Limerick, where I lecture in Sustainability.

The experiences gained on this journey, has inspired me to write this book.


We Think We Own It! A Journey Towards Sustainability.

Looking through the lens of hard science, mythology, theology, philosophy, and spirituality, I attempt to answer the question why? Why does some of humanity have such potential to destroy the natural world in their desire and quest of wealth and property.

The conclusions I suggest have now become prophetic in their nature.

When I finished writing in early 2022, Russia had not invaded Ukraine, and the present world energy scarcity and crisis had not yet materialised.

In my conclusions I encourage a change of heart within humanity “metanoia”, where I encourage all to take a possible cut in their personal standard of living, by reducing the amount of energy they use in their daily lives, reducing their personal carbon footprint, and ridding themselves of any possible delusional thought they might have had of owing this planet.

In my discussion as I journeyed through the book, my personal viewpoints were as follows: I would not reduce the agricultural herd numbers of cattle and cows in Ireland, I would not be in favour of a carbon tax, while I would be in favour of building sustainable houses, providing steel and concrete were used sparingly.

Central to my discussion is truth. I feel all of humanity must speak with truth in their hearts as we move forward in time… similar to the truth that Judas held in his heart, when he returned to the High Priests throwing the thirty pieces of silver on the floor of the temple, while confessing the wrong he had done, by proclaiming “I have sinned by betraying innocent blood”.

In my opinion, the purity of truth Judas held in his heart at that moment in time, can be difficult to find in society today, even in some individuals in Church and Political circles.

The truth I speak about can finally manifest itself, when humanity becomes totally self aware… finally realising that aviation travel should be reduced, mobile phone use should be reduced, and we should refrain from rushing into purchasing brand new electric cars… while world politicians should be encouragers of this new style of living.

I know this might not be popular, but in my humble opinion drastic action needs to be taken on by all, because we only have one atmosphere… one planet.

I finish with hope as I plead with the reader… “Please do something in your life to reduce the effects of global warming that threatens this beautiful planet… even if it has to involve a reduction in your own personal standard of living… creating a pathway, leading towards a sustainable planet, which will reflect the once perfect Garden of Eden”.

Available in O’Mahony’s bookstore Limerick, The Bookworm bookstore Thurles, The Book Market bookstore Clonmel, Nenagh Bookshop, Fitzpatrick’s printers Tipperary Town, and on amazon.co.uk.

The story continues…

I was listening to a discussion on renewable energy recently on Irish radio. An engineer/scientist/expert was speaking and said… “We have an abundance of wind off the west coast, we should use OUR wind as a renewable energy source”.

Our wind?

I quote from my book… “… and not owning the breath we require to remain living, is a constant reminder to us that we do not own this planet”.

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