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Victoria Costello

Location: Based in Ashland Oregon, I hold dual US and Irish citizenship and travel to Ireland regularly.
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I’m a second generation, Irish American writer born in the Bronx and raised in the NYC suburbs. Most of my career I’ve spent as a journalist and science writer living in Washington, D.C. and eventually migrating to the west coast, first LA, then SF and now Southern Oregon. About ten years ago I answered a lifelong desire to pursue my father’s family roots in Galway and Roscommon, which was indeed like a homecoming and ended up as the setting for my debut novel, a three generation family saga titled Orchid Child.

Most of my writing now is fiction and essays. cursory look at my work reveals certain themes I return to again and again: Family, ancestry, intergenerational trauma, diaspora, mental health, indigenous knowledge systems, and nature. My novels are populated with characters whose foibles and secrets propel them on journeys where they occasionally stumble on truths, sometimes with a little help from the other side.



ORCHID CHILD is historical fantasy fiction. Set in West Ireland and New York between 1920 and 2002, the novel will be released by Between the Lines Publishing in early 2023.

1920. On the night British mercenaries burn down Main Street in search of rebels and arms, Ellen, the apothecary’s daughter, escapes the fire and flees West Ireland after her betrothed is accused of betraying the Republican cause. Only to have enemies from home find and kill him in New York, leaving Ellen widowed with three children at the height of the Great Depression. Despite Ellen’s efforts to sever her descendants from this painful past, it manifests in an unending chain of afflictions, early deaths, and poor choices.

2002. Kate is her family’s second-generation success story. As a neuroscientist she covets logic and order, unless she’s sleeping with her married lab director, and then logic goes out the window. So does her orderly life in Manhattan when she’s fired over the affair and Kate’s mother presses her to accept responsibility for her fifteen-year-old nephew, Teague, an orchid child who hears voices and talks to trees but rarely people.

To salvage her career, Kate agrees to conduct a study in West Ireland where hostile townsfolk rebuff her probe of their historically high rate of schizophrenia (based on a real joint US-Irish study done in the 1990s in Galway and Roscommon). When a local chief Druid identifies Teague’s odd perceptions as the gift of second sight, a bewildered Kate is thrust on a trail of madness, magic, and armed rebellion that leads to her grandparents, who, unbeknownst to Kate, were banished from the same town. When a confrontation with the chief Druid endangers Teague’s life, Kate lands at the intersection of ancient Celtic mysticism and 21st century neurodiversity, where the act of witnessing old wounds can heal suffering in both past and present – even hers, if she can accept the limits of science and the power of ancestral ties.

With its US distribution set for 2023, other rights to ORCHID CHILD, including international, translation, audio book and TV/Film are still available. With my agent, Laura Strachan Literary, I’m actively pursuing an Irish/UK publisher.

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