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Zoë Miller

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Location: Dublin, Leinster, and surrounds.
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I live in Dublin, surrounded by my encouraging and supportive family. My novels are all about love and redemption, mystery and intrigue, sprinkled with a dash of glamour and passion.

I am published by the fantastic team in Hachette Ireland and my sixth novel, A Husband's Confession, is out in 2014. My ffth novel, The Compromise, is still available in paperback. I am represented by the wonderful Sheila Crowley, of Curtis Brown, London.

I write under a pen name. It helps to take me out of my comfort zone and into the emotional lives of my characters and it keeps my writing life separate from my day job as a trainer/facilitator. I feel really privileged to see my novels on the shelves in book shops and libraries, it’s truly my dream come true. I love hearing from readers, because that makes it all worthwhile!

Books by Zoë Miller

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A Husband's Confession

A deserted laneway

A hit and run accident

Two families will never be the same…

Ali and Max Kennedy own a renowned artisan bakery in Dublin’s creative quarter. Max has given Ali everything she ever wanted – marriage, children and security. Now, her biggest fear is that her precious family will be taken away from her.

Across the city, Finn and Jo Kennedy live a life of responsibility and success far removed from the carefree couple they were when they first met in Australia twenty years ago. But in the best of marriages, appearances can be deceiving.

When a tragic accident befalls one of the families, a long-buried secret between the Kennedy brothers comes to the surface and a house of lies comes tumbling down.

As Ali and Jo discover life-changing truths about the men they married, each must make a decision – to forgive, to forget or to move on

Author book

The Compromise

Childhood friends Juliet, Rebecca, Rose and Matthew grew up in a small village outside Dublin. Now, privileged, wealthy and powerful, they appear to have it all. But when Juliet is involved in a suspicious accident and lies trapped between life and death at the bottom of a cliff, a secret, hidden for years, threatens the seemingly perfect lives of the close-knit group.

For the beautiful, fragile Rose, Juliet’s accident brings unwanted attention on the sins of the past. For her husband, the ruthlessly ambitious Matthew, it removes a critical obstacle from the path of his political career. And as Rebecca discovers more about the night of the incident, she begins to wonder if she ever knew the real Juliet Jordan.

Rebecca’s troubled young daughter Danielle, hiding out in Rome, knows a truth that can shed light on what happened. But as secrets are revealed, the childhood friends are about to discover that, sometimes, old friends are the ones you know the least.

Author book

A Family Scandal

It is twenty years since rock musician Zach Anderson mysteriously plunged to his death in a lake. When media interest is re-ignited, hidden tensions fracture the glamorous façade of the Morgan family, affecting the lives of Zach’s daughter Lucy and her half-sisters Ellie and Miranda.

Beautiful, fashion designer Ellie flees Dublin for the anonymity of New York to heal her painful wounds. But she finds that restoring her spirit is a lot tougher than she expected.

In Hong Kong, Miranda had been reclaiming her life in this vibrant city. Will the family turmoil come between her and her renewed confidence, never mind her tentative romance?

And in London, Zach’s daughter Lucy is badly hurting and full of unresolved questions about her father’s death. The baby of the family, her modelling career and celebrity status is rarely out of the spotlight. Now she finds herself spiralling out of control and running into menacing arms.

When their mother becomes seriously ill, the sisters’ lives turn upside down once more. And when they return home to Ireland, they are rocked by new revelations and touched by the shadow of danger, forcing them to confront each other as well as their greatest fears.

Author book

Rival Passions

Brother and sister Jack and Serena Devlin are the owners of Tamarisk Manor, a chic hotel nestled in the wooded hills of Wicklow. Ranked as Ireland’s ultimate retreat for socialite and celebrities, it’s the perfect escape from the world.

But behind the indulgent façade, the privileged Devlin family is in trouble...

Serena’s commitment to the hotel is taking a toll on her once dazzling marriage. She finds it easier to run a multi-million euro business than to be the kind of wife that her husband Paul expects, or mother that four-year-old Harriet deserves.

Jack, struggling to come to terms with the devastating death of his wife, takes refuge in La Mimosa, their sister hotel in France, determined to distance himself from the memories at home. When a chance encounter in France forces Jack to question his whole existence, he returns home a changed man. Serena, meanwhile, is working even harder than ever to win the coveted accolade “Haven of the Year” for Tamarisk.

Life for the Devlins is about to change completely, but will Serena sacrifice her marriage for the sake of success? Or will Jack give up his birthright for the sake of love?

Author book

Sinful Deceptions

Alix Berkeley, the glamorous, Paris based make-up artist, is about to step onto the international stage with the launch of her signature brand of cosmetics. Successful beyond her dreams, it seems that nothing can stop her stellar rise to the top. Until a mistake from her past returns to haunt her.

Living in affluent Dublin suburbs, her sister Emma Colgan, appears to have it all. But after years of playing the role of devoted wife and mother, she longs for a new life and a sense of excitement. Then one night she does something she will regret for the rest of her life.

As Alix’s glitzy launch night in Paris draws near, secrets the two sisters fought to hide begin to emerge and both discover just how much their reckless mistakes have cost them. But amid regrets and infidelity, heartbreak and love, they have to ask themselves who caused the biggest deception of all... and if there is any hope of redemption.

Author book

Guilty Secrets

Abby Lacey is now unrecognisable to the wild, tempestuous girl who left Ireland all those years ago to travel the world. Based in Sorrento, she plans fairytale Italian weddings. But only she knows the real reason why she abandoned her travels so abruptly and why she can never leave Sorrento.

Lia Lacey now a glamorous, bestselling novelist, bears no resemblance to the struggling single-mother of her past. Mixing among the glitterati of London's literary crowd, she too has vowed never to return home to Ireland. But as her troubled daughter, Abby, grows more distant, Lia realises that in order to help her, she must face the one thing she has been running from.

Paula Stevens, owner of Dublin's most elite recruitment company, has come a long way from the shy, studious girl of her youth. But when someone from the past reappears her worst fears are realised. Can she find the courage to be true to herself?

When Sam Ryan walks back into their lives, these three women discover that the secrets they fought to hide now threaten to destroy them. Will they realise that some secrets need to be told?

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