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Patricia McCabe

Hi, My name is Patricia, and I am a Granny who has aspirations to be a writer. I did a Creative Writing course with Eileen Casey many years ago, and it was stimulating and exciting and totally fuelled my imagination.  I have lived in London and Paris before settling in Ireland to rear my two sons.    I worked fulltime in Administration for...

Anthony Renwick McGill

I am a 68 years old Scotsman, living in Dublin, Ireland, and am a graduate of the University of Glasgow and Trinity College, Dublin. Though I have always been interested in writing fiction, including short stories, plays and short novels, I pursued a scientific career for 40 years as a Senior/Principal Clinical Biochemist at St. James’s Hospital, Dublin. It is...


Julian West

I've mostly been writing short stories. I won the James White Award in 2003. (http://www.jameswhiteaward.com/award-history)   I won the inaugural Aeon award in 2005. (http://www.albedo1.com/aeon2004-2005.html)    

Jean Reinhardt

Jean Reinhardt was a member of the North Clare Writers Workshop in the past.  Some of her work was included in a compilation of  poems and short stories published by the group in 1989.  She is married with five children and three grandchildren.  Having lived in Spain for almost eight years, Jean and her family returned to Ireland in 2008,...

A.P. O’Malley

A.P. O'Malley [Antoin O'Maille] is a Dubliner. For twenty years he lived in the United States, mostly Manhattan in New York City. O’Malley worked in a myriad of jobs throughout the last two decades: including waiting tables where he served Muhammad Ali, Francis Ford Coppola and Steven Spielberg and numerous other famous and not so famous people. As a doorman,...

Adrian Chapman

Alex Koster

Ali Isaac

I grew up on a Greek island with only my sister, a donkey, a dog, and my books for company. I was always reading, often with three or four books on the go at once.  I began writing my first novel when I was fourteen. I never finished it, but it lurks hopefully in the bottom of my desk, patiently...

Alva Holland

I was persuaded by friends to join a local Writing Group in early 2013. Since then I have very much enjoyed writing a variety of true short stories based on my life and family experiences. As I built up some confidence, I experimented with fiction. I love entering competitions and submitting stories to magazines. My first published story appeared in...

Amanda J Evans

Amanda J Evans writes romance, paranormal and fantasy novels as well as children’s stories. Amanda lives in Oldcastle, Co. Meath, Ireland with her husband and two children. She had poetry published in several journals and anthologies in 2016 and 2017. Her first novel Finding Forever (Book 1 in the Finding Series) was self-published in 2017 and her second novel Save...

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