• West Cork Literary Festival 8-15 July 2022

Alexander Lane

Location: Laois


Alexander Lane has almost died on several continents. When he’s not wondering whether scuba diving is truly as safe as it is incredible, he’s planning his next trip to somewhere that’s hopefully more fun than fatal, and dreaming of the many ways that space travel could be both wonderful and dangerous. He always buys good travel insurance, and so should you.

He graduated with a distinction from the creative writing MA at St Mary’s
University, Twickenham, in 2020, and currently lives in Ireland, where there are no snakes or large predators.

Current project

I’m currently preparing to publish a horror novella, Blood River, loosely based on a trip to the Borneo rainforest in 2017. It’s the first in a series called Nightmare Vacations, and a follow-up with similar themes and tone is currently at the outline stage.

Later this year I will begin querying with The Awakening Of William 47. It’s the first part of my In Machina science fiction series, about our relationship with non-human intelligence.

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