Alison Lawless

Location: Dublin

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I have been writing for a number of years and have finally decided that the time is right to publish some of my work. My past work is mainly poetry and short stories. My dream is to publish my work and give those with similar backgrounds a voice that they can relate to.

Current project

I have just started writing my story, this is a daunting task however I am hoping that on completion I will have an audience for it and I hope to find some measure of peace from my past experiences.

Writing sample


Flutter fly, flutter fly, up, up we go.
Mutter, sigh, mutter, sigh, plunging below.
Soaring so high, looking down over hills.
Feeling so low, contemplating known ills.

Flutter fly, flutter fly, where do you lain,
When the mutter sigh, mutter sigh, burrows deep in my brain.
Flutter fly, flutter by, when the mutter sigh comes.
So I can fly with you flutter fly and feel your freedoms.

Flutter fly, flutter fly, rest with me now.
In the morning dear flutter fly you will take me with thou.
Over rooftops and green hills and buttercup fields,
Where your wings close around me, providing my shield.

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