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Anna Cogan

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I have been writing for years, in the time I could snatch back from working and rearing children. I used blog posts as an outlet, an exercise in writing and self expression, during my children’s childhood, adolescence. There was so much material from that! I have published an ebook in the last while, The Chemical Angels Came For Us. It’s about people, afflicted (or not!) by mental illness. I had come into contact with so many people affected by this kind of condition in my work, and it was always secondary, an aspect only of a life, a person. I met so many lost souls, rich in character, experience, heroic refuseniks.

Current project

Having only recently released my ebook, I continue blogging on a monthly basis, intending to start or to add to the stories I have written in The Chemical Angels. In the Autumn, I mean to start…

Writing sample

I dont know how to demonstrate my writing unless I’m writing and the spirit moves me, the heart stirs. But do please visit my blog, my ebook, its all there.

  • The Dark Room by Sam Blake
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