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C.M Behan

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Having harboured an idea for more than 10 years, finally, I have decided to put pen to paper.

Fledgling writer, quality engineer working in industry, living in Limerick. Slowly learning to embrace and build the world I have carried around as an idea for the past 10 years.

Current project

YA Fantasy Fiction has and continues to be one of my true loves. So I am giving this my best shot…..

Perfectly happy 13 year old girl wants nothing more than to live her perfectly ordinary life. When her grandfather dies suddenly and a stranger turns up on her doorstep, she learns that some extraordinary places have to be believed to be seen.

‘She’ does have a name and the novel does have a title but I’ll keep that to myself for a while longer!

Writing sample

Plumes of thick black smoke were rising and coiling high into the pale morning sky. Dara traced the black smoke to its source and saw tongues of fire lapping up along the black clouds in the direction of the animal barn in the low field.

‘Cora?’ screamed Dara, turning back into the hallway and beginning to jog down it. Looking hurriedly from room to room, ‘Cora, are you there?’ She shouted a bit louder this time. Dara pelted towards the red front door of the cottage and wrenched it open.

‘Cora…WHERE ARE YOOOOOOOOU?’ she shrieked out into the open yard.

Beyond the crumbling timber grain store, across the small open yard from the cottage, a dumpy and rather round, grey haired, woman came waddling as fast as she could. The Shicíns scattering and clucking madly, already having been disrupted by the explosion, as she bulldozed her way through their morning scratching’s.

‘I’m here, I’m here’ Cora said red faced and chest heaving and looking, Dara thought, as though she had run for the first time…. like…. ever.

‘What took you so long, what happened?’ Dara said with a quizzical look. Ignoring her, Cora caught Dara by her already bruised elbow and began to move with furious stomps, not to the red cottage door, but towards the first leafy covering of trees at the forests edge.

‘Quick Dara, in here’ Cora said with a pant, forcefully guiding Dara along, pinching her bruise.

‘Cooooooora, will you STOP! You’re hurting me!’ grimaced Dara, stopping dead with a jolt on their march and refusing to go any further. ‘Where are we going?’ she said, but with one look at Cora’s wrinkled, freckled face a feeling of dread began to rumble and rise from the bottom of Dara’s empty stomach.

‘You have to go Dara’ Cora said sharply, ‘Into the forest and hide’ not really meeting Dara’s eye.

‘But why do I….’ Dara felt sick.

‘Dara…… my love, you know why’ Cora cut her off. Pausing, she put a gentle hand to Dara’s face then said, ‘They are coming for you.’

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