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Catherine Hennessy

Location: Mornington, Co. Meath Ireland


Creative writer since the 1980s when I started getting the serious urge to put pen to paper to tell the various types of stories. I write creative short stories, novels and sometimes the occasional poem. I am not limited to a specific genre or theme, but there is usually a mystery, some problem and usually a bit of romance mixed in. My wish is for my works to be published so that more than just myself can enjoy my sometimes quirky thoughts.

Current project

Looking for professional assistant from a literary agent/publisher to reach my dreams.

First Novel = “A new Chance, A new Beginning” has been finished – but requires a ‘professional’ eye from a literary agent/publisher.

Second Novel = A trilogy – 2/3 of which is completed and I hope to complete the last 1/3 soon.

Third project = working on various other story lines that need refinement for a possible book of short stories

Writing sample

Sara couldn’t believe her luck. The falcons were very active, and the moonlight was perfect.

An amateur wildlife photographer, Sara had decided to work late at her job as a Network Specialist to take advantage of the full moon, and the promised forecast of a clear sky. She had already gotten several photos of the birds in flight, and she was pleased with the results.

Zooming in on two birds as they perch on the building across the way, Sara saw a movement to her left. Turning, she focused in on the top of the adjacent building.

She caught the movement again and watched as she saw two men fighting. Without thinking, she began to take pictures as she watched the huskier of the two men, push the other man away; when she saw a flash of light she realized in horror that he had shot him. Two more flashes of light told her that he had shot him again. Then she watched as he walked over to the man, now lying on the rooftop and then he fired a fourth time. Shaking, Sara reached for the phone next to her and dialled 911.

“Emergency Services, how can I help you?”
“I just saw a man shoot another man on the rooftop of the US Bank building.”
“On the rooftop?”
“How did you witness this? Are you on the rooftop as well?”
“No, I’m in the office building across the street. Please hurry.”

Looking up she gasped, “Oh my God.” Sara put the phone down and backed away from the window as she saw the gunman looking in her direction. He couldn’t possibly see her right? The room was dark. Focusing the lens again, she saw that he had received a phone call and was now looking in her direction. Turning, she ran for the elevator. But she stopped herself before she hit the down button. What if he knew that she had seen him, or if someone had tipped him off that she was there? Oh God. What was she going to do? If she went downstairs now, she’d be an easy target.

“Think!” she said aloud.

He couldn’t have seen her, she reasoned. From the outside, the windows were like mirrors, and without any lights on, he couldn’t have seen her. She hadn’t used a flash. Had she? She didn’t think so.

Turning toward the stairs she ran down three flights to the 52nd Floor. Running down the hall to the storage room, she opened the door and turned on the light. She could hang out here until morning. But before she could do that, she knew that there was one more thing she had to do.

Turning around, she ran into the computer room and logged onto the web server. Opening her Hotmail account she quickly downloaded the photos she had taken and then she emailed them to the Minneapolis Police department, with a note detailing what she had seen and what had happened; satisfied that was all she could do, she logged off and went back to the storage room where she locked herself in. Turning off the lights, she sat behind some computer boxes, confident that she would be out of sight if someone looked in the room. Then she waited.


Lieutenants Jason Kollar and Shep Wilson stood studying the scene.

“It looks like a professional hit alright.” Shep nodded toward the body. “And considering the Vic, it was probably a professional job.”

Jason nodded and looked over at the Wells Fargo Centre. Someone had called in the crime but she had been cut off before she could give any more information. He was waiting to hear if her body had been found; The Emergency Services Tech had said that the last words out of the woman’s mouth had been “Oh my God”.

It did not look good.

“Kollar!” Jason turned and saw Captain John Harrison walking toward him.
“It seems that our witness sent an email to the general information address at the station. Looks like our witness got some photos sent off after she made her phone call. Unfortunately, the name on the mail account is pretty generic. We’re trying to trace it now.”

Jason’s cell phone rang, it was the Sargent he had sent to search the Wells Fargo Building. “Nothing here sir. We found the phone she made the call from, it was sitting on the desk. But there’s no sign of the woman. If the guy got her, he did her somewhere else. We’re dusting for prints now, hopefully we can ID her.”

“Good. I want to know her name as soon as you get it.” Hanging up Jason shook his head and relayed the information to his Captain.


Glancing at her watch, Sara saw that it was nearly 6:30 am. It has been about five hours since the murder, so she figured that it would be safe again for her to leave.

Something told her that going home right now would not be a wise move, so she headed for the police station.

Once there, she asked to see the officer in charge of the US Bank Murder case. When asked her name she said that she would rather wait and tell the person in charge.

Ushered into an office, Sara sat down and waited for someone to join her. She felt a little silly for being so secretive, but the events over the last few hours had her feeling very cautious. There was something about what she had seen that wasn’t ‘right’. Not that anything about witnessing a man being murdered was ‘right’, but there was something that was nagging at her memory and she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. Something about what she had seen had her feeling very nervous about her well-being. Probably the fact that the man had seemed to know she had seen it all happen, but she felt sure it was something more.

When the door finally opened, she jumped up and clutched her bag to her chest.
‘The desk sergeant had been right, the woman certainly was edgy.’ Jason thought as he entered his office.

“I’m sorry that I startled you.” He said smoothly, trying to calm her. “I’m Lieutenant Kollar.” He extended his hand toward her. Taking a deep breath, she unclenched her hand and shook his hand.

Closing the door behind him, he motioned toward the chair she had just vacated. “Please have a seat, Miss…?”

Sara studied him a moment. He looked trustworthy. He seemed to be waiting for something. Then she realized that he was trying to find out her name.
“I’m sorry.” she said shaking her head. “I’m Sara. Sara Manning.”

Jason blinking in surprise. “Miss Manning?” He had just gotten the results of the fingerprints they had found at the office where the call to Emergency Service was been made from, and they belonged to a Miss Sara Manning. “We’ve been looking for you.”

Sara frowned. “You have? Why?”

“Well, unless we are mistaken, you were a witness to a crime last night.”

Sara slowly nodded her head. Closing her eyes, she whispered. “Oh God.”

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