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Courtney Graves

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My name is Courtney and I am a proud queer, disabled woman and an aspiring author, current story-teller, and future educator. As a lover of science-fiction, fantasy, poetry, and lyrical works, I like to find the fantastical in the ordinary and the beautiful in the average. I was born in North Carolina, lived the longest in Connecticut, and most recently lived in Hawaii before moving to Dublin.

As a current student of English with Creative Writing at UCD, my ultimate goal of becoming a career writer and teacher is coming to fruition. I aspire to share my words with willing eyes and ears, and to achieve my activism goals through writing. I look to my mother and to what is beautiful and horrible for inspiration and I hope that through representation and the art of language that I can somehow make the world a better place one story at a time.

Current project

I am currently working on a sci-fi/fantasy novel (yes, both) called “Get Lost” that is a collaboration between myself and my sister who is an illustrator. She will be illustrating something for each of the chapters as well as the cover of the book itself.

When children begin killing themselves, how can two sisters defeat the creator of the universe to save them all?

The story tells of a girl named Dahlia who is to become the protector of one of the seven planes of the multiverse, accompanied by her sister Taj, and eventually Dahlia’s partner Yanaha. These protectors are called Hamia, their younger sister who is a vice protector called Byog Hamia, and together they each protect their respective facet of the multiverse. The goddesses of the multiverse, Deva and Delanthe, are also sisters, Deva the most magnificent and perfect being in the universe. But she is soon overcome with jealousy over the fact that the subjects of the multiverse love Delanthe just as much as they love her. Overcome with her rage, she casts Delanthe out of power and Delanthe becomes Demora, a goddess of discord and greed. This act caused immense evil to spread throughout the multiverse. 5000 years later, in Dahlia’s time, children start to try and harm themselves, some resulting in suicide. Dahlia is sent to remedy the universe by gathering the strength of all 7 of the Hamia pairs to defeat Demora once and for all and stop the evil from spreading further. As Dahlia traverses the multiverse, she finds love with a woman, learns the value of sisterhood, comes to understand that history is written by those who win, and discovers that beauty and the bonds of living things are to be found in the strangest and most profound of places. This novel explores anti-fascism, abuse, queer love, disabled living, power, minority influence, anti-war, and truth through following a group of young women of color who learn the power of their voices and the strength of their character by navigating some of the hardest parts of being human.

Writing sample

Opening to short story “The Fabric Girl”

I’m a nail-biter. I’ve always been a nail-biter. Just like we’ve always been here, on Tuske-44. I remember reading that 4 is the number of death. But what is death anyway? Sometimes I wonder if we aren’t already dead with our frigid bodies all sharing one common mission, one singular belief system, the only thing we aspire towards in this metal eternity: “Absque argento omnia vana” — Without money, all is in vain. I stare at the lines of my fingernails and wonder how much they’d sell for, these fingers wrung like towels with pearl and jade. I bite into calcium as though biting into milk, and like milk, my fingernails slide to the floor from the pillow of my lips, lips that only know the taste of fingernails.

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