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Danielle Serpico

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Danielle is a half Irish-half Italian woman who grew up in Rome and now lives nestled under the protection of the Blackstairs mountains in County Wexford, with her crazy Lab, Macchiato.
With an entrepreneurial background and three restaurants under her belt as well as a blackbelt around her waist, during the recession in 2009 her life changed dramatically with her businesses going bust and ultimately the loss of her home.
This is when she went on a journey of self-exploration leading her to become a Mind Coach and to rekindle her love of writing and art. She has self published The BlackBelt MasterMind, a book on mindset and overcoming adversity. Her first novel Terranova is inspired around this turning point in time and by the death of her beloved Newfoundland dog - her writing helping to calm her mind and as she often claims it to be a form of meditation.
Although her following on Social Media (FB - https://www.facebook.com/theblackbeltmastermind/ - Twitter - https://twitter.com/DanielleSerpico and blog - http://theblackbeltmastermind.com/danielleserpico/news/ ) is at present for her coaching practice her messages are often inspired by human kinds ability to overcome and aspire for more. Just like Athy - the protagonist in her debut novel - sometimes being a little different can be a good thing after all and maybe just maybe, believing in yourself is 99% of the battle.

Writing sample

It was on a wet evening just like this one, with the sweet smell of damp leaves wafting under the door, that my heart did a somersault.

We had just returned from a wildly invigorating walk around our little suburban neighborhood. My beloved and I shuffled contentedly through myriad shades of amber leaves, breathing in with happy sigh's the delightful aromas of autumnal spice. I fell into an easy stride alongside her elegant gait.

There were no words needed, silence sang out our happy voice. We had with us the comfortable safety and knowledge acquired and only understood by those who can truly relate.

When home, she hummed, gently puffing out her flushed cheeks, while I made myself comfortable in my usual spot by the fire. I watched her delicate frame as she submerged her yellow rubbery hands amidst soapy clouds in the sink, the dishes clanking merrily at being washed. The kettle whistled the approach of the customary ritual. She pulled off the plastic gloves with a satisfied pop and reached up to the little wooden shelf above her for her favorite turquoise mug. But, her hand slipped, somehow, and the prided cup crashed with vulgar resonance into a thousand little ceramic pieces onto the cold tiled floor.

That is when my heart stopped and everything appeared to slow down.

Our eyes locked and for a fraction of a second I thought there was a message, crying out to me in her terrified stare. But then, just as suddenly, it was gone, and so was she. A distant glazed expression fell over her translucent blue eyes, and I knew, instinctively, that at that moment, she was somewhere else.

I ran to her side as she collapsed to the ground, falling onto the humiliated shards of broken pottery. I was in complete panic, adrenalin flooded through me as my mind raced trying to comprehend what was happening, and what I should do? I tried to wake her, to get her back to me - but her limp body pressed dejectedly into my nudges, tell tailing that it was indeed vacant at this time. I rushed about in terror and barged frantically out the back door, skidding and sliding on the carpet of discarded foliage. I raced out the front and began to call desperately for help, my throat tight and raw with the effort.

A familiar neighbor heard my cries and came to our rescue. Time seemed sluggish and my memory is vague about the exact course of events, but I remember clearly the bright swirly lights and the deafening scream of sirens. Strangers pulled me away from you, promising I would see you soon, that it was better I did not come in the ambulance. I still don't understand why, I should always be by your side.

I think it was an excruciating week later that you begged them to let me come see you. That was the happiest day in my life.The moment I saw you I knew you were back. Your eyes brimmed with the emotion of your generous soul calling out to mine. I stayed, showering you with all my love until I was once again told I had to leave you - but this time only until tomorrow.

It is that time of year again now, the trees are lining the streets with their radiant colors. But you are back home and we are back together once more. This time I will protect you and make sure nothing happens to you. I know all the signs now, I will be able to tell, I am sure of it.

You say - with a lopsided happy grin that I am 'your hero', that I 'saved your life'. I don't think I did anything really, definitely not enough. I feel guilt at not being able to have known in advance and I beg for your forgiveness. You laugh at me in your joyous state, with your radiant smile and bright eyes, telling anyone that will listen to your merry tune, how glorious and wonderful it is to be here, and how if it was 'not for me' you may not have had a second chance to dance amidst the ravishing beauties of nature and all the abundant glory that this world has heaped before us.

I stare at you in wonder now, watching your resplendent soul burn in tandem with the reflection of the fires flames, leaping and dancing brightly in your eyes. I am in awe at your power, at your strength, at your raw determination not to let anything stop you. A little numb, maybe, and a tad uncoordinated at times, but filled to overflowing with a passion for life that is contagious. I try to tell you this, as we warm ourselves in front of the cozy glow, how much you mean to me, how proud I am at your courage, how much respect I have for your strength of character, amidst such adversity.

How much I truly love you and how I will always be there for you, faithful to the end. But I cant seem to get the words out, my throat whines with emotion. You simply look at me with your loving gaze and lightly touch my neck. A shudder runs down my spine. My heart speaks to you instead, as it thumps joyously in my chest and you hear and comprehend it fully.

I am here for you, by your side, always. Your heart smiles back at me in acknowledgement, and I cant help but wag my tail.

Current project

I am currently seeking representation for my YA Debut novel - (95K Words)

It tells the story of Athy, a fifteen-year-old girl with webbed feet who discovers she has a very big purpose in life when her best friend, a Newfoundland dog comes back from the dead. An incredible adventure ensues as she travels under the sea to this other world full of animals in the hope of bringing peace to this land and happiness to her beloved friend.

I have plans for a sequel and have just begun work on this.

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