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Esther Hoad

Location: County Leitrim.


Writer’s Pen-name: Jo Nestor          

IG:  @JoNestor62 
Leitrim Guardian Literary Award Winner 2020   

OVERALL WINNER at the Dublin Story Slam contest, February 11th 2020 – Jo Nestor telling her HEART-themed story to a live audience. (Podcast link to follow)

Jo Nestor features on: https://www.thedublinstoryslam.com  – 2019 Christmas Podcast – The Gift: https://www.thedublinstoryslam.com/ep-20-the-gift 

‘Swimming Donkeys’ (Fiction), published online by Northwest Words. 
Link: http://northwestwords.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/NWW-Issue-12.pdf  

Long-listed for FISH memoir competition, Spring 2020

Current project

Several irons in the fire:

I’m an active member of writing.ie WRITERS INK Facebook writers’ group, and it’s magical.

I have several Creative Non-Fiction submissions out there … ready & willing to hear back from SUNDAY MISCELLANY, any day now …

Battering away at WIP – memoir. Must be on rewrite #28 at this stage. Not easy, but very rewarding.

Writing sample


– How on earth did you manage to let the fire go out?

– I was down the fields, feeding the goats … I didn’t know …

– Hells bells and buckets of blood … must I do everything around here myself?

– It’s not my fault … Tito should’ve helped me, but he was reading all day.

– Stop tittle tattling. You’re old enough to know better, my girl. And close your mouth when you’re eating. Please. For Heaven’s sake.

– But we’ve had kidney beans and brown rice for three nights in a row now…

– My God, you’d complain in heaven with the gates shut. Needs must when the Devil calls, my girl, and what won’t fatten will fill, so eat up.

– But why can’t we have bought sliced-white bread and jam for supper, just for once?

– Why do you insist on behaving like someone else’s child?

– …

– I can still hear your fork on your teeth … Stop. Doing. That.

– …

– You really are the giddy limit. Anyone would think you were conceived in a field, born in a barn and brought up in a pigsty.

– Esther, just do as your mother says, toe the line and stop playing silly buggers.

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