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When I was fifty eight years old and with my sixtieth birthday on the horizon I decided to write a blog. The blog challenged me to do sixty things before reaching the age of sixty. and it rekindled my love of writing. I have self published a collection of short stories and poetry.

Writing sample

Echoes of Garryvoe

I listen to the sound of the universe
the Om of the sea breaking on the shore
I hear the grass rustling in the dunes
and grains of sand exfoliating stones

I hear the wind in the key of D

I listen to the water in the rock pools
To the scurrying crab and the immature shrimp
I hear the sand flies hop on dying seaweed
And the wiggle of the worm burrowing in the sand

I hear the oystercatchers cracking shells

I listen to the gannets,
necks extended wings pulled back
I hear them dive,
submerge, and surface.

I hear my eyelids blink
and a tear fall on my cheek
I listen to it drop
And echo through time.

Current project

My goal is to improve my writing and become more creative.

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