Kate Ryan

Location: West Cork, Ireland


I am a food writer based in West Cork. Originally from Bristol in South West England, I moved to Ireland in 2005 and in 2012 I finally put my dual loves of food and writing together and created a home for them both at Flavour.ie. I write for several publications, print and online, focusing on the stories behind the people and produce of Ireland. In 2012, I was commissioned to write The Artisan Food Guide, and in 2019 I became a member of the Irish Food Writers Guild. For me, food is about storytelling and folklore.

Current project

I have just completed a manuscript for my second book. This book is in the style of a memoir with recipes.
In 2019, I returned to education to study for a two-year Post Graduate Diploma/Masters in Irish Food Culture at University College Cork.
My next project is still in ideas stage, but I am interested in departing from non-fiction to explore short story in a semi-autobiographical form. No doubt, food will definitely feature somehow!

Writing sample

I have been writing recipes and stories on my blog, The Flavour Files, since 2012.
Please feel free to have a roam. I’m a firm believer that the story in prequel is probably more important than the recipe that follows it, but feel free to read and cook to your hearts content! www.flavour.ie/blog

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