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Margaret G. Kiernan

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Margaret has written Reports and Submissions in Quasi-legal and Corporate for her role as a Public policy and Social Justice Advocate.
She has written Poetry on and off for some years.
However, she started Creative writing in 2017. She has completed a lot of study and workshops since then, including Conor Kostick’s six-week course “Start your Novel Series” The list of Tutor’s include the following. Claire Allen, Malachi Doherty, Monica Corish, Lynda Kirby, Anne McMaster, Colm Keegan, Moyra Donaldson, Jan Carson, Noel Monahan, Professor Carlo Gebler, Moyra Dawson, Aine Ni Chuireann, and Rosemary Jenkinson. Also a great deal of help from her fellow writers at Oldcastle Writers Group and, in particular, Amanda J Evans. She loves Poetry very much and believes that writing and creating it is helped by her thirty years as an Artist. Painting in Watercolour, Acrylic and Oils.
She writes Poetry, Short stories, Ad Hoc and Flash fiction and she is in the process of writing a Novel.

Current project

There are a number of Projects in stream currently. More to be written, later.

Writing sample

The village park is small and surrounded by tall mature trees. Heavy with Summer foliage they are a backdrop to the narrow town-houses on the square. Shafts of sunlight play between the trees and dust rise from the earth as people and pets move about. The hum of insects fills the evening space.
The brown-haired girl in a blue denim jacket picks up a piece of wood and playfully throws it to her dog. A shaggy spaniel in amber and white tones, wearing a red collar.
Abstractedly playing with the dog she appears to scan one of the houses. It has a dark blue door and a brass plate shining brightly to the right side where three steps lead up.
All is quiet at this time of evening and people are having their tea.
She takes out her phone and photographs the house. Quickly calling the dog she makes her way through the heavy iron gate and disappears. The number three bus drives past.
Next day, and one hour earlier, she returns. Sitting on a stone, she plays with the dog. She does not speak or look at any other person in the park. She watches all coming and going to the blue-door house. She carries an i-pad with her and appears to be settling in for a long wait. Perhaps she is going to video someone or something. Only time will tell.

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