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Mary Egan Campbell

Location: Midlands


I write novels, songs, poetry and short stories and live in hope of being published some day. I am active in the Offaly Arts Community, helping to organise and/or taking part in local literary events and even won an open mic night at the Birr Scripts festival. I have been long listed in a Fish Poetry Competition and have collaborated on Whisperings, a book of poetry and short stories published by my writers group Wordsmiths Tullamore in 2018. I write pieces for the Writing.ie members blog from time to time and have just completed my first children’s book. I am currently in the process of submitting it to publishers so watch this space.

Current project

I have just finished a children’s adventure book about a boy and his dog and a bothersome ghost.

Writing sample

In Tarry Flynn’s Shoes
(I.m. of Patrick Kavanagh 1904 – 1967)

Strolling the canal towards Kilbeggan Bridge
I’m put in mind of another poet whose
Ancestor’s hailed from the county home yonder there
Would that I could someday walk in his shoes

That I could see the beauty in the stilly-green
not these murky depths beneath the banks
And not inhale the stench of rot and rusted trolley
nor fear the water rat sunning his flanks

No swans dare drift through dingy underpass
to dodge carelessly discarded drink cans
And n’er do wells camped there with ill intent
casting sticks and stones with idle hands

Grafitti scars stout timber balance beams
whose bulky boughs shadow the filthy lock
Discarded condoms, needles and flagons adorn
bollards where bright painted barges dock

Perhaps if I rode the cut on a narrow boat
further south to Shannon Harbour’s shores
With tourists sank some suds upon the grass
‘neath the shade of perfumed golden gorse

Maybe then the bard in me would find release
I’d dredge away the silt and find my verse
Discover leafy embankments filled with love
and Kavanagh’s ghost resting on a bench

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