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Are you a new writer? Become an Emerging Writer Member of writing.ie and show our visitors who you are and what you can do. As well as other writers, our visitors include publishing industry professionals, editors and agents. List your own blog or website and benefit from back-links from Ireland's leading writing resources website. Post your successes, thoughts and writing queries in our member blog.

Maria Rushe

Maria writes 'The S-Mum Blog', currently “Best Parenting Blog 2018” (Boots/M&I) which captures the realities of being a busy Mum to two little girls. Maria is currently finishing her first novel “Love Me More” and is seeking a literary agent. She is also ready to publish “The InstaMammy Memoirs” based on her blog. One of her biggest cheerleaders is Gill Sims of 'Why Mummy Drinks'. Maria’s realistic and no nonsense...

Martin Donohoe

I am an English graduate from NUI Maynooth. I have a keen interest in all forms of writing but particularly enjoy writing short stories and have completed two novels. My particular passion is for writing plays and I put my first play, 'Waiting for God Only Knows What' on stage in 2013 and my second, 'Over the Ocean' in 2014.

Matthew Hanlon

Matthew Hanlon is the founder of the infamous Sane Magazine, world champion sitter around (Atlanta '96 Tin Medalist), and someday professional athlete. In the meantime, he's written stories about the Boston Red Sox, a man who lived up his nostril, that time he fought a yak in New York City, and a novel about an ex-ice hockey player suffering from post-concussion syndrome, an exploding time machine, and New England. He...

Michele Houlihan

Of all the joys in my life writing is way up there on the list, just after my children and family, furry family and nature! I began writing short stories when I was seven years old. Love conquers all was always a common theme in my writing and is the theme of my first book, currently in another set of edits. The inspiration for my crime fiction novel has evolved...

Molly Campbell

Full name Mary Egan-Campbell - known as Molly to family and friends, so I have decided to write as Molly for their benefit. Currently seeking representation and working hard towards putting together a manuscript that will facilitate this dream. A poet and writer who reads, cooks and raises 2 children and a feisty female pug called Della, I am deeply in love with words and all their forms so I...



Hi, my name is Martin. I have only recently began to write some short stories. I've just joined writing.ie as an emerging writer, and I am really excited about gathering more information on what to do with my stories, and also being able to confer with other writers. Looking forward to developing my skills and having some fun along the way.

Nehal Singh

I'm a 26 year old who moved to Dublin 2 years back and instantly fell in love with this country. Most of my free time is spent reading and writing and I love to engage with new books, movies, plays and TV shows that widen my perspective and give me genuine joy. I am also an avid traveler and truly believe that growth comes from exposure to new places, cultures...

Nicola Cassidy

As a child, I was a scribbler. I let my imagination run wild and wrote ghost stories and dog stories, poems and plays and protest letters about animal rights. I attempted to write a novel many times, but knew I didn't have enough life experience. Until now. With a degree in journalism, completed courses at the Irish Writer's Centre and a working blog, I am advancing my debut historical fiction...

Nicola Conron

I'm originally from Wicklow and studied Culinary Arts in D.I.T. In 2007 while on an internship I fell in love with the region, the culture, the lifestyle, the weather & of course the food of the French Cote d'Azur. I have been based in the area on and off ever since. I love the sea, love the outdoors, love jogging, love to travel, love food & new cultures, generally just...

Nicola Jane Whelan

I am a married, housewife, living with my husband in Gorey. I am very much a member of the local community, having joined in local events such as table quizzes, walks, local trips and excursions and am also a member of the Gorey Family Resource group where the ladies' of Gorey enjoy a cuppa and chat about different topics. I have been living in Gorey for nearly 4 years and...