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Tao Yue

Born in Shanghai in 1976, Tao Yue has lived in Amsterdam since 2000. With a BA in English language and literature from Fudan University in Shanghai and an MA in social sciences (cum laude) from the University of Amsterdam, she is an intercultural consultant, business case writer, and freelance essayist whose articles appear in English- and Chinese-language newspapers, magazines, and multimedia. She hosted weekly live broadcasts at Chinese Radio Amsterdam...

The Fresh Pants Blog

I’m a ‘plenty’ 9 year old, professional and mum to 2 happy, young, bright souls I helped make from scratch. With a dash of fun, a dollop of madness & a pinch of inspiration, Fresh Pants shares a mix bag of stories/experiences with its 5 regular readers in an open, passionate, honest & courageous way. All views shared throughout this blog are a mix of my own inner voice(s). 1...

Thomas J O’Mara

I'm a retired accountant, a widower with three grown-up boys. I've lived and worked in London for over thirty years but I'm still a fully paid-up BIFFO! - turf-footing a speciality. My formal tuition is limited to several years of creating-writing classes, at the Brick Lane Bookshop, East London. I've been writing for about ten years and have written quite a few short stories and two novels. My first novel,...

Tony Vaughan


Tracy Ploch

I’m an auditor from Tampa, Florida. Four years into my career as a CPA, I moved to Dublin for a two year work assignment (that eventually turned permanent). During that first year in Dublin, I didn't know many people so I wrote a lot. I began writing “The Shoebox” in the summer of 2013 and self-published it late in 2015 with hardcopies available that November. I'm currently still living in...


Vincent J. McArdle

I am retired teacher. (English/Business). I did many other things in life. I lived and worked in London and New York as a young adult. I've been in the clothing trade, insurance and the airline industry. I've written about five plays since 2007. I write constantly. I was shortlisted for the PJ )'Connor Awards by RTE. (Radio Play). My current project, my novel , is ready to go. "Havana Sunset"....

Wayne Laird

A father and family man who found in his free time he was able to write stories that people didn't hate. All of which are fictionally based on real life scenarios or true reflections of dreams created by my sleeping mind.