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L Rahill

26 year old female from Cavan, Ireland living in New York working as an Executive Assistant at a Global Finance Company dreaming of doing something more creative for a living. Graduated from NUI Maynooth with a Masters in 20th century Irish Cultural Writing and Theory. Joined to revive my writing or at least do something with the plethora of poems I have written over the years. Excited to be a...

Lisa Halpin

I began writing in secret in 1998, purely for my own enjoyment (still a relative secret - having just recently 'come out' of the writing closet to my partner and two other people!), having always enjoyed creative writing in school. It was there that I was encouraged to take it up for a living, but bearing in mind that it was the 80's, and finding a job took precedence over...

Marése O’Sullivan

Marése O'Sullivan is in the final year of her undergraduate studies in English, French and Creative Writing at the National University of Ireland, Galway. As part of the programme, she got the chance to spend her third year producing a portfolio of Creative Writing. Marése has also worked as an Editorial Assistant with The Alliance of Independent Authors in London. She is a regular contributor to writing.ie. She has also...

Margaret Magee

Margaret Magee reads on the train in the mornings, works in financial services, reads on the train going home, and writes at night and weekends. She has written four manuscripts in the historical fiction genre, dating back to WW2 and a number of short stories. When her short story Blue with White Daisies was published online at CreativeWritingInk, readers asked for more and she has just finished her fifth manuscript,...


Maria Fahey

I live in Galway with my fear chéile and páistí. Writing is special for me as I enjoy exploring story plots, developing characters and everything in between. Reading with my children and in my job as a teacher has enabled me to use funny voices I never knew I had!!!

Maria McDonald

Hi, I am an avid reader and love to write. The opportunity to spend time writing fiction only presented itself to me in the last year and I am enjoying every minute. My first project was to work on the novel I had outlined several years ago. "Charlie Mac" is a work of biographical historical fiction based loosely on the lives of my great-grandparents. Charlie was born in Belfast at...

Maria Rushe

Maria writes 'The S-Mum Blog', currently “Best Parenting Blog 2018” (Boots/M&I) which captures the realities of being a busy Mum to two little girls. Maria is currently finishing her first novel “Love Me More” and is seeking a literary agent. She is also ready to publish “The InstaMammy Memoirs” based on her blog. One of her biggest cheerleaders is Gill Sims of 'Why Mummy Drinks'. Maria’s realistic and no nonsense...

Martin Donohoe

I am an English graduate from NUI Maynooth. I have a keen interest in all forms of writing but particularly enjoy writing short stories and have completed two novels. My particular passion is for writing plays and I put my first play, 'Waiting for God Only Knows What' on stage in 2013 and my second, 'Over the Ocean' in 2014.

Matthew Hanlon

Matthew Hanlon is the founder of the infamous Sane Magazine, world champion sitter around (Atlanta '96 Tin Medalist), and someday professional athlete. In the meantime, he's written stories about the Boston Red Sox, a man who lived up his nostril, that time he fought a yak in New York City, and a novel about an ex-ice hockey player suffering from post-concussion syndrome, an exploding time machine, and New England. He...

Michele Houlihan

Of all the joys in my life writing is way up there on the list, just after my children and family, furry family and nature! I began writing short stories when I was seven years old. Love conquers all was always a common theme in my writing and is the theme of my first book, currently in another set of edits. The inspiration for my crime fiction novel has evolved...