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Paul Kilmartin

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Write, Edit, Repeat.

I love to write, feel it's something that I've been imbued with. The stories are fed to me and until I have them written out, only then can I feel utter satisfaction. And then the next idea comes along. My dream is to be able to write full time for six months, to have rent paid and to just sit and write every single day. And then let them all out there, maybe four full books and see if I can do it for a living.

Paul Kilmartin, from County Offaly, living in Dublin and writing about all of the things that one can imagine. I am a self published author and with two more finished fictional works and the startings of one more, with three others ready to go. It is fair to say that I am prolific. I compare my work to the adage of old Farmer Brown and his cow. I'm bringing her to market and if I have to go to every market on planet earth, someone will buy my cow.


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My current project is most certainly very much under wraps. It's science fiction, of that I can say but it is a wholly original and intriguing idea. The focus is very much on the real world and using real world ideas to solve a problem. It is a book that is requiring a heck of a lot of research and study. Think next generation energy and Elon Musk style big world solutions. That's a quarter of the way there. Can't wait to finish it and copyright it before putting it out there for you all to read.
At the very heart of my story, it's very much character driven and I have taken a lot of time to make sure that these characters stand out.
Working title: Rails.

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