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Deep and dark with an unexpected twist. That would be my stories. Perhaps a little like life in that respect. This is the first time I have started to publish my stories.

Living in the West of Ireland. I work full time in totally unrelated activities to writing.

My stories have just been put into print for the first time on my website which is slowly growing.
There is a free story to read. Feedback would be appreciated.......Warning Adult Reading Content........ http://www.rosie.ie/stuck-inside-these-four-walls/

My writing style is just that you should never be able to guess the end until you get there. So there is always an unseen twist to the events of the story.

Writing sample

Warning Adult Reading Content


A sad story of teenage love with tragic circumstances.

Stuck Inside These Four Walls

About 15 minutes had gone by and she was well on her way to being totally drunk and managed to finish the last of the bottle. She was almost paralytic. So now Peter helped her into the very hot bath which had been cooled down quite a lot and she sat there turning red boiling like a lobster. She lay in the bath naked, sweating and gradually getting used to the extreme hot temperature.

Peter spent this time talking merrily away laughing with the very drunk Dawn. The pair joked about all things wondering with anticipation and confusion as to when something was to start to happen. The cheerful talk then turned to the confusing topic of the knitting needle once more.

They knew Peter's mother had plenty downstairs as she sometimes knitted clothing for presents. But because they had no idea of how the knitting needle came into the procedure. It was again discounted with and soon forgotten about in their nervous adventure.

After about half an hour or more as the bath was starting to turn cold. A now very pink and wrinkled Dawn was beginning to sober up. Not too long later this much planned event was eventually given up as a bad idea. The bewildering thought of how it was or what was supposed to happen was passed over as rubbish. So they then wondered what they would do next.

What they would do next was basically just nothing. ....................

Current project

I have a number of different stories which are ongoing. Lots of short stories completed and almost completed.

I have two novel size stories in the process which are set in the West of Ireland. They are very dark and extremely deep. Mysteries with plenty of shocks along the way. Always trying to incorporate that twist at the end.

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