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Steven Bieler

Location: Tullow, Ireland


I am a father, who is working on fulfilling his lifelong dream of becoming an author.

Current project

I am currently writing my first novel, titled “Full circle”. A time travel science fiction story based on real science fact and influenced by conspiracy theory fiction.

Writing sample

Dana was storming down the hallways to get to the repair bay. “Dammit, Bruce.” She thought charging forward. “Dana, wait up” she heard from behind her and slowed down. “Hi Jake. Sorry I can’t talk. I need speak to Bruce, urgently.” Jake knew the look on her face. It was fairly similar to how he looked when he was annoyed with Bruce. “Yeah, I have been trying to reach him, but he told Sheldon to ensure he is not disturbed. Could I ask you to remind him to not be late for our date tonight? I have something very special planned.” She knew Bruce well enough to know, that she really did need to remind him. Once he was able to focus on a task at hand, the world seemed to disappear around him. “Sure Jake, I will remind him, but I have got to go.” And off she went. A few minutes later, she arrived at the repair bay door, only to find it locked. She pressed the buzzer. Nothing happened. She pressed the buzzer again and Sheldon answered. “Dr. Jones, need I remind you that Dr. Kraft asked not to be disturbed?” although it wasn’t possible, she felt a bit of condescension in his remark. “Sheldon, let me in. I need to speak to Bruce about my project. This is important.” After 30 seconds she had enough. “Pup, open the door for me” she asked her AI. “One moment, please, Dr. Jones.” Pup replied. Finally she heard the click of the locks disengaging and the door opened. “Sheldon, I asked you to ensure that I am not disturbed.” Bruce said while checking to see who was coming in. “I am sorry, sir. It seems that Dr. Jones’ Ai was able to overwrite my protocols.” Sheldon replied. “Bruce, you knew I was going to try to reach out to you. I need your assessment of the goldie locks planets, so that I can ask the captain to set a course.” She said annoyed. “Sorry for that, but you will be happy to hear that I was right. The drone and all of its parts were operating within the parameters. Sheldon, please transfer the data Dana requested.” he replied. “Thank you, Bruce. By the way, I met Jake and he asked me to remind you about your date later. Please make sure to not be late.” She said with concern in her voice. “Don’t worry, Dana. All I need to do is put this thing back together. I promise I will be on time this time.”
“OH DEAR… OH DEAR… OH DEEAAAARR…” Bruce thought as he was running through the ship trying to make it “on time”. In this case, that meant 30 minutes late. He was imagining Jake sitting at a table, candles lit and burning down and the food getting cold. He felt awful, also exhausted, sweaty and out of breath, but mostly awful to do that to Jake. He tried to pick up more speed and take every shortcut he knew of. “Sir, I did remind you several times that you would be running late.” Sheldon said. “I know… Sheldon. Did we not.. speak about.. stating the obvious.. in this kind of.. situation?” Bruce replied, panting between every other word. He stopped running to take a few deep breaths. “Please order Jakes favourite wine and chocolate and have them appear in Jakes room.” On closed his eyes, took another deep breath and continued running. They both had agreed to not share a cabin and enjoy dating each other for a month after a long stasis. After a few minutes he finally arrived. He straightened himself out and rang the doorbell. “Come in.” he heard Jakes voice, but was surprised that not a hint of anger or disappointed was audible. The door opened and he stepped inside. Jake came up to him, gave him a big hug and a loving kiss. “Uhm… not sure how to react now. I was fully expecting you to be upset with me.” Bruce said. “Bruce, my love. I have known you now for a very long time. So you being late, is something I factor in to most things, on days that you are working,” Jake smiled what that wonderful smile that melted Bruces’ soul. “I laid out your favourite suit over there on the couch and now off you go and have a shower. Dinner will be ready once you are.” Bruce gazed deeply into Jakes eyes. “I really don’t know how I deserve you, but I am infinitely grateful to be your husband.” Bruce said lovingly and gave Jake a big hug. “I love you too. Now go and don’t let me wait too long.” Jakes said while giving Bruces’ butt. “Yes, dear.” Bruce replied, gave Jake a wink and went into the cleansing room. When Bruce returned 10 minutes later, all dressed up, he found Jake at the table and dinner was served. Jake took a deep breath. “Ohhhh, you are wearing my favourite cologne. My cotton candy man seems to want to get into my good book and under my covers.” Bruce smiled. “It was the least I could do.” He didn’t really like the overly sweet smell, but if it meant that Jake was happy, why would he not wear it. “I met Dana earlier. Did you give her the data you promised? She seemed quite, well, pissed off.” Jake asked. “Ah, you know Dana. She’s mostly annoyed with me. But yes, I did give her data. I’d wager a bag of my favourite candy that she’ll go for the red planet. But enough about my day. How was yours?” Bruce replied. “The medical checks went as smoothly as possible. Only Major Kira Hondos’ hypochondria took a while to deal with.” Jake stated. “Isn’t she the one who keeps going to the medbay in Elysium, complaining about her physical body?” Bruce asked. “The one and the same. Even inbetween cycles, when there is no physical body. We have sequenced and checked and triple checked her from top to bottom, even her DNA and found nothing. I mean, absolutely nothing. She is probably the healthiest person on this ship.” And with that they both started laughing and enjoying their dinner. They spoke all night about anything and everything.

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