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Tina Lawlor Mottram

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Born in Dublin, Graduate from Limerick College of Art, Postgraduate London College of Communication.
Fluent Spanish speaker with DELE C1 Diploma, from the Cervantes Institute, Tina is a Spanish / Art Lecturer in Medway Adult Education, Kent, UK.
Tina has worked as the Design Manager in HM Tower of London, Collins Books and HMSO, then as a Correspondent for the Medway Messenger, Editor of Light and Sunlight News. She currently contributes to academic journals on Latin American themes and enjoys flash fiction and short story writing.

Current project

Currently writing an article for Fupress. Abstract accepted for publication (June 2021).

Tina Lawlor Mottram: An Irish artist’s journey from Buenos Aires to Araxá.

In 2020, during lockdown as an Irish emigrant in the UK, I re-evaluated being Irish in a foreign country as I examined pictures taken in Latin America during my travels, as artist-in-residence at Zona Imaginaria. This paper reviews contemporary artists in Argentina and Brazil, whose work focuses on diverse cultures, history seen in this context, and colonization and emigration as influences on artists’ work.

Mónica Girón’s famous jackets for Patagonian birds were knitted using the “technology of the new inhabitants” ie. knitting needles and Merino wool, a legacy of settlers to Patagonia. Girón’s inspiration was the museum in Bariloche, with “a collection that combined an advocacy of the conquest and displays of the territory established by the nation state.”

Sorocaban Pedro Lopes’ “YBY-Soroc” uses historical events over 4 centuries from colonization to nowadays to encourage viewers to analyse these moments visually, so that Sorocaba became an evolving space, continually drawing on facts from different cultures, in order to contextualise it in an international, national and local light.
Mariana López’s “Mar de Solís” explores the surface of the sea, the river Plate seen through the eyes of Solís, reputedly the first Conquistador to arrive in the area. Her own intriguing installation based on the depth-sounding machine shown in the exhibition’s publicity, was made doubly interesting due to the inventor’s Scots-Irish ancestry.

In Brazil, I visited farms, small towns and the Minas Gerais region. After weeks in urban environments, it was heavenly to see coffee plantations, exotic fruit and flowers. In São Sebastião do Paraíso, I viewed colourful architecture, vividly embellished churches, abundant agricultural produce, indigenous patterns still visible and travelling onto Araxá, I became the “first Irish visitor” to sign the visitors’ book. The unused train station built by foreign engineers, now the Fundacão Cultural Calmon Barreto, hosts local women weavers’ workshops. I was presented with a centenary edition of Araxá’s achievements and a guided tour of their museum. I already knew Black Madonnas from Dublin, Montserrat and now added La Plata, São Sebastião, Araxá and Brazil’s Nossa Senhora da Conceição Aparecida.

This paper examines emigration, colonization, “new” technology, its incorporation and its effects on the contemporary art and culture of both countries, noted by an Irish artist heavily influenced since this trip in her own artwork.

Writing sample

Article published in “History, Art and Image”, August 2020 by the Society for Irish Latin American Studies.
“Irish artist takes The Salmon of Knowledge to Zona Imaginaria”. https://irlandeses.org/journal-2/current-issue/

Writer/artist-in-residence working with children in Zona Imaginaria, Buenos Aires, Argentina August, 2018.
Author of children’s storybook “Pulgar the dog and his magic paw” which was illustrated by the children I worked with.

https://vimeo.com/291505680 Tina Lawlor Mottram reading the book (in English)

“Pulgar the dog and his magic paw” http://serpentinacreations.com/site/?page_id=2225

Other published work
“The Tree of Light; Working creatively with long-term illness.”
ISBN 978-1-907597-00-8. Published by themomentisnow

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