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Yinka Parm

Location: Dublin, Ireland.


I have traveled extensively all my life and now have settled in Ireland for the past eighteen years. I love writing and have done so in drips and drabs. Having a family and being a mum came first for a very long time, but I am now at the steering wheel of my life and have decided to take control. I have been working in a public library for twelve years and completed my MLIS four years ago.

Current project

I’m trying my hands at short stories and see where that takes me.

Writing sample

Do You Really Know Me

I watched Theo as he stretched languidly on the bed beside me. His shredded body is a testament to the hours spent at the gym. He planted a kiss on my cheek and hurriedly flung the covers off as he almost sprang from the bed. Someone is in a good mood, I thought drowsily.

“Come on babes, you only have ten minutes and counting before we meet the guide in the hotel foyer for the adventure of a lifetime,” I heard Theo saying from the bathroom.

“Oh crap, that’s today,” I groaned as I buried myself deeper under the covers of the bed.

What was I thinking lying on my dating app profile? Now, two months later, the lie has come back to bite me in my ass.

“Everybody lies on these things,” June, my long-time friend, and roommate had convinced me. “It’s no big deal,” she had told me. “It’s just a tiny minor detail that may not even be noticed. Do you want to date this hunk of a guy or become the old bitter lady with ten cats,” she cajoled insistently? June, like a dog with a bone, would not let this go.

“Okay,” I responded in defeat, as I longingly gazed at Theo’s dapper picture on his profile. “Let’s do this.” June and I celebrated by dancing around the tiny kitchen floor in our shared apartment. It wasn’t a great lie, I thought reflectively as if trying to convince myself and justify the lie at the same time.

I crawled out from under the covers and like a toddler matched slowly and reluctantly to the bathroom.

“Babes, we’re doing this,” Theo said cheerily, as he hung a pair of binoculars over his neck.

“Yay, we are,” I smiled back at him, with my stomach tying up in knots. I lied I could do this, so I am going to do it, even if it kills me.

Twelve minutes later, we are both at the hotel foyer meeting the guide, a tall, skinny and nondescript man who had a permanent smile plastered on his weather-beaten face. It was still quite early as the dawn was painting a kaleidoscope of colours on the horizon. I cherished this time of the day before the busyness of humanity polluted it.

“Are you ready for the best ride of your life, babes,” Theo almost screamed as the jeep leaped over the uneven terrain.

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