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Herding Cats cover
Even Tougher Than Herding Cats – a book of management advice (by an accidental author)
Posted by Ger Mulcahy in The Members' Blog.

It sounds like a strange admission, but I wrote this book almost by accident. I’m a full-time employee, and I regularly work 14 hours a day. I’m a husband, and ...continue reading

lambay writing sunset retreat island
Lambay Writing Retreat, Just Two Places Left
Posted by Miranda Baring in The Members' Blog.

Have you ever wanted to visit Lambay, the mystery-shrouded private island situated just off the coast of North County Dublin? Well, now you can – and what’s more, you can ...continue reading

Letting go of one of your multiple POVs by Paula Tully
Posted by Paula Tully in The Members' Blog.

The point of view (POV) cast of Lessons in Falling had already been tentatively formed: one sensible head teacher; one slightly eccentric teacher; one popular male student; one intriguing female ...continue reading

The Northern Ireland Troubles viewed through a unique and compelling lens.
Posted by ESHaggan in The Members' Blog.

Beltarf, 1976. This is an Ulster where terrorism and sectarian conflict rage throughout its seven counties. Garrick Armstrong wants to take the fight back to the Gaels, but events are ...continue reading

Christmas – Not For The Feint Hearted or The Homeless – by Mary Egan Campbell
Posted by Mary Campbell in The Members' Blog.

When I was growing up, Christmas was a magical time. Of course we were poor as church mice, living hand to mouth so the only thing we had to look ...continue reading

Review of ‘Only in Darkness Can You See the Stars’ by Santosh Bakaya
Posted by Smeetha Bhoumik in The Members' Blog.

Only in Darkness Can You See the Stars Author – Santosh Bakaya Publisher – Vitasta, Price Rs 495 2018 link : https://www.vitastapublishing.com/store/non-fiction/biography/only-in-darkness-can-you-see-the-stars-martin-luther-king-jr-detail I would like to begin the review with ...continue reading

To be or not to be… part of a writer’s group – Is there safety...
Posted by Mary Campbell in The Members' Blog.

For many writers it is a lonely road. The very nature of the work is to find a quiet space to let your imagination and literary juices flow. It is ...continue reading

Writer’s Block – Fact or Fiction? by Lissa Oliver
Posted by Lissa Oliver in The Members' Blog.

Does Writer’s Block exist? I could begin by stating my own opinion: no, it doesn’t. I could quote from a multitude of successful likeminded authors. But there would be more ...continue reading

Taking Leave of their Senses – Brexit or Bust!
Posted by Mary Campbell in The Members' Blog.

I detest politics and while I try to refrain from making political commentary on a public forum, it seems I must make some allusion to the cloud hanging over us ...continue reading

Poisoned Pen by Mary Campbell
Posted by Mary Campbell in The Members' Blog.

Is it me or are we now becoming a nation of back stabbers? On Twitter every opinion is met with an outpouring of vitriolic attacks on the writer. The latest ...continue reading