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A First Post by Anna Cogan

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chemical angels

Anna Cogan

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Having an ebook done (The Chemical Angels Came for Us) a monthly blog post done (weirdnwonderfulday.blogspot.com) , the summer, the children, lockdown, done, done and done (provisionally! ) I’m posting here to say that, reach out, celebrate, connect with all you writers blogging on the site. So solitary an occupation, writing. Derailing sometimes, the shift from everyday algorithmic doing, to a writing space. I wait to want to start on something new, I tell myself get on with it, I want to wait to talk about it. Ah connection…

More about The Chemical Angels Came for Us (check it out on Kindle here)

Jacqueline, Miriam, Ava and Rob are people, souls, lost and found and lost agian.  Each one striving to live and to have their lives, in a desperate and determined detente with mental illness, diagnosis and medication.   A quartet of stories about people who are so much more than their diagnosis.

(Pop over to Anna’s blog to say hello! We don’t have comments enabled here because of the amount of traffic we have, but we’ve several active groups and challenges running through our Facebook page too – Ed)

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