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A Happy Coming Together

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Ray Flannery

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As the date for my debut Children’s Book Launch draws near, I have to sit back and wonder what might happen in the future and more to the point what might never have happened but for a chance meeting. Let’s go back to the beginning. Following my viewing of an interview with David Walliams by Jonathan Ross, and a conversation with a work colleague regarding same, I set about trying to write a Children’s book. This, to my surprise, came to me a lot easier than I had ever imagined. Having completed my task, I decided to send my offering to several of the usual suspects in Children’s book publishing. Then, I sat back waiting for the phone to ring with all these offers.. I had quite a long wait. Then out of the blue I received two offers from UK publishers but when I looked further into these, they were a non runner.

Then I had the notion of doing it all myself. I opted to go down the crowd funding route. This too was not quite as successful as I had imagined.

I had decided to shelve my literary career but fate decided to step in and alter that decision. I bumped into an American lady in Dublin Airport and we both started chatting. When I asked this lady why she was in Ireland, she informed me that she lived here and was an author. My response, which I don’t remember, caused our conversation to carry on a little further. When I informed this lady that I had written my first book but that I had been unsuccessful in getting it published, a smile came across her face. She introduced herself as Dr Mary Helen Hensley and she gave me her email address. Mary Helen asked that I forward on to her, a copy of my efforts, which I duly did.

A few weeks later, I received an email from Dr Niall McElwee, from BookHub Publishing. More emails went to and fro, and we arranged to meet. Following two meetings, I was offered a publishing contract. I decided to attempt the illustrations myself, I know I don’t have a career in animation but I was happy with them.

I then received the magical ISBN number, followed by an image of my book cover ( still seems strange), some final editing and now here I am, looking forward, albeit with a little nervousness, to the launch of Moany McMoan… The Accidental Hero on the 9th of September in St Sylvester’s GAA Club. Hopefully some of you are free on that evening to join me at the launch. The book itself is aimed at the 8 to 10 year old range.

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