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A Heart with no Doors by Seanie Clifford

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Seanie Clifford

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there are many windows in your house
but no longer any doors
you are not gazing at the phone anymore
for there is no one calling you
to share that which Love creates
a sharp pain that never dissipates
when in your panic, in your fear
you shared yourself for the first time
you were dying but not dead
now – your are somewhere
that neither of us can reach.
where staring takes the place of freedom
carnage grabbed us by the souls
you are not waking in the small hours
to stare at the ceiling, a universe
without stars or moons or suns
you loved me as if I was no one
in order to make that which is nothing
into something.

there are many windows in your house
but no doors – no one comes in or out
there is a tap dripping down stairs
and children crying in the garden
they want to pick roses and tulips
but the weeds have gone to town
and the rocks moved into position
as they crush the seeds
the only plants that can be found
are dead.

and the words that you remembered
when in the tender embrace, a kiss
two small lips wandering in the air
it isn’t good enough to want Love enough
you must be brave enough
to fight for the both of us
now you wander in and out of rooms
it was all so pointless
you made it so.

you are afraid to go outside tonight
to hear the night owls living their lives
and the ordinary night noises
that once served to shake your bones
they scare you into a scream
you are better left alone.
there are many windows in your house
but no longer any doors
and many homes like yours.

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