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A song from For Love of Anna

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James Lawless

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Enclosed below is the song which was played in the disco scene in For Love of Anna, the night the tragedy occurred to Anna Zweig, the beautiful ballerina with whom the philosophy student Guido van Thool fell in love. Composed by Guido, and sung by LonnaMarie.

For Love of Anna is glowingly reviewed and brilliantly written and thumping good read of love, tragedy and corruption in high places, ideal for snowy nights and Christmas by the log fire.

5/5’For Love of Anna by James Lawless is one of the finest 5 STAR pieces of writing I have read in recent years.’ Deepak Menon

Read the glowing reviews of For Love of Anna or buy the book or ebook here.

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‘Powerful, emotive work.’
Sunday Business Post

When university student Guido van Thool accidentally bumps into the beautiful ballerina Anna Zweig in Loti’s café, it sets them off on a whirlwind romance of ballet concerts, anti-globalisation marches and love trysts in bluebell woods. Even when Guido is called away for military service, time can’t test their faithfulness, as they keep their passion warm with love letters. Paralleling their lives, however, is that of Judge Jeremiah Delahyde, a profligate positioned in power by his crony, the government minister Bartholomew Smythe. These parallel lives collide on New Year’s Eve when the drunken judge knocks Anna down in his car with fatal consequences. Guido swears revenge. But how does one retaliate against a corrupt and powerful, politically-appointed high court judge?

‘A work of passion and truth.’
Declan Kiberd

‘Beautiful writing.’
Books Ireland

‘Lawless has a classy turn of phrase and can whisk up ambience at will.’
Sunday Independent.

‘If literature is, as is rumoured, getting slapdash and careless, then this is the antidote to that charge.’
Carlo Gébler, writer.

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