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About Me: Clive Dev

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Clive Dev

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I am from Dublin. I write Fiction Crime Thriller Stories. I have written the books called STRANGERS INSIDE – Detective Dev Crime Thriller Series and TRUE COLORS – The Accidental Heist. My current project Is a collection of short stories…..

Strangers Inside

This story is based on true events but the author has changed it to create a crime thriller fiction. This book is an attempt to portray young teenagers life’s, the choices they make and the consequences of these choices .


True Colours

People show their TRUE COLORS when they desire something unlawfully. When we covet someone else’ property, we show what we are really made of. However, the joy of acquiring does not last for ever …
When Jason escapes from prison after ten years, it is not as easy as he thought it will be. He braves the perils and reaches a safe harbor.
Here he witnesses two murders that lead him to conduct an accidental heist.
A compelling story of twists and turns; adventure and drama.

My website is clivestorycreations.com


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