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Averse to verse? Do you like free form or structured verse?

Article by Mary Campbell © 20 February 2019 .
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There is right now a growing culture of new modern twists on the classic verse and cutting edge techniques for really great poetry, and I think it’s great that the literary world is staying alive by constantly reinventing itself, but perhaps I am in the minority when I admit that I really am not a big fan of current funky deconstructed styles of poetry.
I grew up with the beautiful magic of Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Yeats and Emily Dickinson among many, who had a gift for weaving mystery and soul into their words using lyrical rhythm and rhyme and other satisfying sounds that touched hearts and roused deep emotions in the breasts of readers. Like wizards they crafted powerful imagery that haunted my dreams and stayed with me through my life as anthems, often for experiences I myself was going through. Like a great song they took hold in my head long after they tugged at my heart strings and I return to their lyrics time and time again for inspiration and solace when the need arises. I have had a life long love affair with their words and find great pleasure in writing poetry that flows and ebbs with musical movement just like the greats I aspire to live up to.
I do not seek to criticize free form poetry and do enjoy reading these pieces out of literary curiosity and a wish to find something I can relate to, but I just cannot seem to warm to the writing or fall in love with it as I would like to. Perhaps I am just a deluded romantic soul with a lyrical lust for emotional stanzas and up tempo beats that will whip me into a frenzy, but that is just me. I like what I like and no amount of experimentation with these new styles seems to entice me away from that. I love words and the power of words to endear themselves to me and how they make me feel, so I would just as soon revisit dead poets to sate my needs as go with the flow and immerse myself in this new experimental culture. Old fashioned die hard, maybe so, but there is a lot to be said for refraining from fixing something that definitely isn’t broken.
Along the journey to publishing our book Whisperings and promoting it around the country whilst travelling with our book tour, I have been happily surprised to find that there are still very many like minded people out there who are also averse to free form verse (pardon the pun) and equally that iambic pentameter, sonnets and rhyme are not the antiques of the past that we are currently led to believe, but instead timeless classics that will continue to enthrall readers around the globe long after I am gone.
“Whisperings” was born out of a love affair with words, a love shared by a wonderful group of ordinary people with extraordinary gifts, Wordsmiths Tullamore, a group of people I am proud and honored to be numbered amongst in this book and so eternally grateful to call my friends. I hope you will seek out our book of poetry and short stories in your local bookstore or library sometime and let me know what you think. All feedback is very welcome but know this, that every word was written with love and honesty and a complete lack of pretension that we stand over wholeheartedly, so whatever you may think of us and our words, we will happily go on doing what we do and enjoying every minute of it.

(c) Mary Campbell

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