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Been a hectic few weeks

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First of all, this Monday I ran into a massive pothole at Ardboe and ended up with a flat tyre. I then took my Brother to Coalisland and get money for him to get the Bus the rest of the way to Dungannon. Turned out I opened the door and a huge gust of wind left a mark on a delivery van to my right and he ended up taking down my registration number. I am getting my solicitor to deal with the outcome.

After running on empty for so long, I thought it was a sign from above that I should allow my Brother to get the Bus to his Classes from now on. Then when I did calm down I ended up helping my Gran. On Wednesday a new bed arrived for her and during the maelstrom of her driving me and our cleaner round the bend I took her to a Chip Shop in Coagh, as it is open during weekday afternoons, and get her a Fish Supper. (she hadn’t eaten for 8 whole hours earlier) Then I called the out-of-hours surgery and the Doctor said she has a Bladder Infection. Finally, she is getting much needed rest.

Yesterday I was gearing up for next Thursday’s Text Production exam. I did a mock exam and am on course for a distinction. Next Thursday’s the real deal. *Fingers Crossed*

I have also applied for a few poetry competitions, both in Ireland and the UK, and am still frantically scouring the local papers and Job Centre to apply for work. Last Firday I had to drive to Lisburn simply to register for a recruitment agency. (whom I probably won’t hear from again, EVER)

I need some me time. Last Saturday Camomile Tea I ordered the Monday prior came and it has helped improve my quality of sleep. I defo need it.

When will I get a break?

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