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Beyond Perception’s Reach: Less is More by Denis McBrinn

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Denis McBrinn

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Writing is hard. The more clutter we hold in our minds the harder it is to think clearly, especially when under pressure. Having too much clutter will drain our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies. The less we talk, the more we listen. The less we worry, the more resilient we become. And the less we procrastinate, the more we get done. Less is More.

We live in the most complex culture in history and we experience more activity and devour more information in one day, than our ancestors did in a lifetime. In the midst of this intense technological haze of consumerism, advertising and entertainment, do we really need more complexity? Already, we find it hard to dispose of all the stuff we accumulate, and plastic pollutes the planet. Our infinite capacity for making a mess and the stifling clutter we create, is threatening to limit the potential to live our best life.

Why do humans create so much clutter? It is partly to do with our natural resistance to change. We are creatures of habit and like to hold on to things, both materially and emotionally. Humans can be highly creative, but we are also highly destructive. There is no doubt that creativity and chaos are connected, but too much clutter will impact negatively on our mental and emotional well-being. People who work in untidy offices, tend to suffer more from stress than those in tidy environments.

In the noisy confusion of life, it is important to clear a space for ourselves on a regular basis.

Give yourself a few moments of calm.

Sit down in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and close your eyes.

Set the timer on your phone for three minutes.

As you gently breathe in and out, quietly reflect on the “Clutter Checklist” below.

How many can you say yes to?

What areas could you work on?

My home and work environments are de-cluttered and inspiring.

My wardrobe and kitchen drawers are tidy and well-organised.

My paperwork, correspondence and receipts are filed away neatly.

I don’t have a lot of things hanging in the air, unfinished projects etc.

I don’t overload my life with too much TV, social media, internet, e-mails etc.

I have let go of people and relationships that are a negative influence.

I have cleaned up issues from my past and am able to be more in the now.

I am clearing a space for myself to have more time and energy for new possibilities.

Imagine how liberating and satisfying removing clutter from your home, car, work environment and emotional life could be.

Imagine being released from any care, worry or anxiety.

Feel the gentle lightness from letting go.

Welcome the new space and energy from being set free.

When the timer goes, gradually open your eyes.

Notice what thoughts and feelings arise and write them down.

De-cluttering can be a truly transforming process.

Even doing a small amount, 3 minutes a day, can show remarkable results.

When you begin to tidy up the clutter in your home and work environment, it also has a positive effect on the level of emotional and mental clutter inside you. Break de-cluttering down into bite-size chunks. Start with just one drawer or cupboard. Be ruthless! Throw out the old stuff, there should be little emotional attachment to groceries that are well past their “sell –by” date! Kitchens, bathrooms and desks are traditional hot spots for clutter. If you can de-clutter the hot spots, you will de-clutter your life!

Clarity is the elimination of mental clutter.

Confidence is the elimination of physical clutter.

Commitment is the elimination of emotional clutter, and

Inner Peace is the elimination of spiritual clutter.

Less is More.

BEYOND PERCEPTION’S REACH is a collection of brief thoughts and reflections on the complexities and challenges of life’s mysteries. The weekly blog will explore some of the questions and personal challenges we face in our uncertain and confusing world. How do we bring a bit more joy, purpose and fulfillment to our “one wild and precious lives”?

© Denis McBrinn 2021

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