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Book Launch Baby

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As a new and aspiring writer it can be tough. Never thinking your work is good enough, never knowing where to turn next in order to get a foot on that all too elusive publishing ladder. Sometimes it feels as though it is a world that you can never be a part of.

Tonight I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Maria Duffys’ 4th novel, One Wish. Having only recently joined twitter (@moyahodgers) Maria was one of the first people I followed (@mduffywriter), as recommended by Vanessa O’Loughlin (@Inkwell.ie) at one of her Get Published Workshops. Over recent weeks there have been a couple of tweets between us and I found her very engaging and easy to communicate with. Having read her first 3 novels I have been a fan for some time and I was excited about the prospect of her 4th and actually bought and read it before tonight’s launch! I was not disappointed either by the book or indeed by the author herself.

On arriving at Dubray books in Grafton St I was a little nervous going in, as I knew I would know no-one. Maria had asked that if I did manage to make the launch to introduce myself to her as it is difficult to recognise people from Twitter. (A problem I can understand and appreciate. She never would have picked me out as my photo is 2 years old, prior to the birth of my last child when I was 2 dress sizes smaller with shorter hair. But I look good, so I keep it as a reminder of what could be again!) When I approached Maria to make myself known I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was delighted to be at the receiving end of a warm hug and even warmer smile. She was both welcoming and friendly and put me right at my ease as though I belonged there.


Suffice to say I have returned home one very happy bunny tonight. I have my renewed vigour and confidence to continue writing in the hope and dream that one day too that may be me standing there reading an excerpt from my own novel. It may never happen, but if nothing else it was a pleasure to stand and witness a very charming and delightful lady launch her book and see all her family, friends and colleagues in the writing world stand and appreciate her efforts and talents. Many thanks to Maria for the invite, my first ever book launch! I was the book launch baby tonight. I wish her  all the success in the world with her novel. One Wish is a wonderful read and is available now. As you will see if you look at my review of it on Amazon I could not recommend it enough. one wish large



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