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Deirdre Conroy

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My new tenant is due to move in today. I think I went a bit overboard with the bleach in his shower room in a bid to hasten the pristine effect. A chambermaid I’m not and I’m retiring from cleaning duties now, it’s been far too vigorous a morning for someone who’s been out late. Midnight on a Wednesday is the new late; I think some of you might agree.
At least it was a sort of cerebral-oriented evening with a modicum of drinking and a lot of thinking. My friend from Virginia, whom we’ll call Annie as in Get Your Gun, because she shoots, invited me to The Picture of Dorian Gray at the Stephen’s Green Club. Only it was cancelled last minute due to poor booking, now that’s a shame for the actors. I was in my LBD ready for town when I got the message, followed by another message from Blonde Racquel asking if I could take a spare table at a fundraising Quiz in the Four Seasons. Trivia Heaven, Annie and her husband joined me. She and I pooled our American and European trivia and managed to finish ahead of some tech companies, while the big law firms topped the polls most of the evening, until finally the bragging rights went to Racquel’s table, with a trophy and an incomprehensible smart phone each. She’d been hoping to come 2nd for the Brown Thomas vouchers, suffice to say the modicum of wine transmuted into celebratory drinks.
Back in landladyland, I’ve just shown the bedroom to the acupuncturist/cranial sacral therapist, and I am mighty intrigued about his work. Whatever about him moving in if friend moves back to city life soon, I think I’d book in for a treatment, though I don’t think I was delivered  by forceps (you can have cranial issues if you had a traumatic birth), it’s all about getting your body back in line, your organs in balance, that sort of thing. He was very convincing.
Ineed to plan a lunch. The sodden weather we’re having has put me rightoff doing any actual shopping for it today and I‘m hoping for a Nigella moment tomorrow. It’s an early birthday lunch, there are two birthdays in the house in March and then there’s Mother’s Day, we’re going to have to assess the hierarchical options. Chronologically, Mother’s Day and mine come first; cost centre #2 was due on my birthday. Gratifyingly, he did me the favour of arriving nine days late and has taken his leisure with everything since, waiting until his leaving cert before becoming remotely punctual and communicable.
I have to admit to being a birthday diva, as many of my friends will testify. It is one day when you can be cheered up unconditionally. Mine is a bit of a non-event this year, not ending in a zero or a five, but still I want to see friends for lunch and not put any of us to a restaurant expense.
I thought I might have dinner with Absentee BF on the day. The permutations of flights and effort didn’t do it for me. Instead, I’m going to go out next week with the girls who can’t get play dates for tomorrow. Yes, most of my friends have small children, while mine are like bodyguards. Thankfully, those coming only need play-dates for themselves.
So cost centre #2 will be twenty-one on the 21st. Another cause for celebration, and being the stoic philosopher he is, wants nothing to do with it. Mother still has to celebrate the day she gave birth to him. You may have guessed by now that I live alone with my sons. And that is for the last fifteen years. Their dad has been living abroad all that time. So, better get my own out of the way and plan the big one.

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