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Chantilly Dawns: No 1 on Amazon!

Article by Lissa Oliver © 19 March 2019 .
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Well, this has certainly been a most exciting week – my horseracing thriller, Chantilly Dawns, published in 2011, has just become a No.1 Best Seller on Amazon!

Publishers Weekly estimates a book would need to sell almost 1,100 copies every day to land a spot on the site’s top five, which is quite incredible. I’m quite jealous to think of my hero, Marcel Dessaint, settling down on a couch with so many readers, or even curling up in bed with them! I hope they enjoy his company as much as I have. But in all seriousness it has been such an exciting day, one that I will never forget, and I just have to thank everyone who ever bought a book – not just mine or Chantilly Dawns, but any book. It means so much to authors.

Lissa Oliver

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