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Crisis! by Lissa Oliver

Article by Lissa Oliver © 10 May 2019 .
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I believe the last time I was here blogging I was pointing out the need for a crisis for characters, to force their hand. Jack, one of the protagonists of forthcoming (in progress) ‘Grey Motive’ was my culprit and I’ve duly prepared some angst for him.

Crisis also happens to be the name of one of my favourite post-punk bands, but the word cropped up a third time after Easter, in its unpleasantest form. I know that’s not a word, but I’ve earned it!

Following a wonderful Tramore International Ska Festival, where we danced non-stop for three evenings and most afternoons, we headed to London for Undercover punk festival. A rotten head cold kept me in bed instead of watching bands and when I got home my doctor sent me straight to hospital, where I remained for over a week!
It may have felt like a head cold, but in fact pneumonia and pleurisy were off the scale in both lungs. I’m none the worse for it and even got plenty of ‘Grey Motive’ written while in my hospital bed. The benefit of ‘tablets’ (not the pill variety)! I was looking for a crisis for the characters and found one of my own!

The nurses did their best, but the best medicine was on Wednesday, seeing The Derby winner at long last! I had thought he wouldn’t be found here in Ireland, but the quiet lazy worker at Ballydoyle came alive on the racecourse and revealed himself – Sir Dragonet. A beautiful horse, beautifully bred, his grandam a sister to Sea The Stars (my ‘young man’ and long-time boyfriend!) and Galileo, no less.

So I have my writing mojo back and my racing mojo back and, coupled with renewed good health, Sir Dragonet and I are on our way to stardom again!

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