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Curiously, Creatively: A Summer of Blogging

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Chris Mills

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Further to my previous musings upon my summer holiday writing routine, I am pleased to report positive signs of mental activity. An idea has been had, dear Reader; it’s simplicity itself. Why not set up another blog as a summer project, I asked myself. However, this time it is going to be a joint effort from the young reader/blogger in the family and me. To be strictly truthful (if I must) I had a vague idea for another blog a while ago, so we set up the bare bones of a site with a decorative WordPress theme and then abandoned it to fend for itself. Curiously, Creatively then lay dormant in the blogosphere waiting for the right moment to burst forth and multiply in glorious creativity (or something like it).

I thought it might be fun to work on something together with my offspring. Also, it occurred to us that what ended up being called Curiously, Creatively could be an umbrella under which we could shelter the pieces that didn’t fit our regular blogs. We both enjoy making and growing various things and so we decided to chart our experiments and the results (happy or not) in the new blog. So far, we have only put up a few posts but we have plenty of ideas for craft and gardening tasks that we can use as blog topics.

Our plan is that each of us will write alternate posts and with a little bit of luck we will make it through to September and perhaps even beyond without flagging. I’ve already managed to digress a little with a blog post talking about visiting the Bloom Fringe exhibits in Dublin last Saturday. But that’s ok as it was a craft related outing and a possible source of future inspiration. I can’t promise that there won’t be a few more digressions and diversions along the way, all justifiable I assure you. Coming up on the blog in the short term should be painted furniture, elderflower cordial and cardamom flavoured preserves to name but a few creative projects.

With the long secondary school holidays beckoning, what better time could there be to put our arty-crafty-garden blog on the virtual map?

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