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Fantasy Time: Describe Your Ideal Job by Maurizio Bisogno

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Maurizio Bisogno

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Allow yourself sometime “fantasy time” during which you let go your imagination. Visualize your life as you would like it to be, see yourself in your dream job, doing what makes you feel good, matching your life with your nature.

Marsilio Ficino, the Renaissance philosopher, once wrote: “Every person is born with his own particular demon, determined by his own star, to watch over his life and helping him towards just those duties that the powers of heaven allotted him when his was born.”

If the working and social context in which you live are killing your own demon, then you will always be dissatisfied and your life will always be miserable. Our job in life must match our nature and then our demon (also called our genius, our star or our angel) will always be there to guide us, to help us. To have a happy life, to have a meaningful life, one must know his demon, because if one’s life is in contrast with your nature, it becomes difficult.

What will I be doing all day? I will be reading philosophical books, I will writing my own research and philosophy articles, I will publishing books, I will be cashing my books sales; I will be paid for my articles; I will be paid for teaching philosophy.

Where would I be doing this job? Mainly in my office, but I will also have a place in a school and college to teach and to do the counselling. I will be mainly in Cork, but also in other cities of Ireland and sometime abroad.

With whom will I be doing it? I will be doing it mainly on my own, but I will have collaborators and secretaries, remote editors and marketers; agents that will find me venue where to go to teach.

But most important of all: I will decide my own working schedule and I will make at least €3,000 net per month.

Dream confirmed!

I will become that person. No question about it. This is my ideal me, my career, my dream and my actual job. This is what I want to do in this world. So, what are the first steps to start making it real?

(c) Maurizio Bisogno

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