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Financial Horoscope for me Today (and Today’s good news)

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Be prepared for your mind to wander — and that’s not a bad thing. Making your financial struggle into an action movie just may help you figure out your next step. Can you regain control just before you make contact with the bottom?

(Yahoo! Canada)


After the bad news of Today comes the good news. My creative writing website is almost complete by the Web Designer I enlisted and I have now officially applied; and paid for in cash; to a Text Processing Course; equivalent of RSA; at Magherafelt Tech.


Then after I had taken my Brother home from Magherafelt; he did his weekly Shopping in Tesco today as his Benefit arrived this Morning due to Monday being a Bank Holiday in NI; our Grandmother suggested that we should raise Hens and sell free-range eggs. She used to raise hens when my Dad was a kid and is willing to show my Brother the ropes. I feel that this is a great way to bring more money into the home. I should demand a share of it too.


So, I feel better today. I went to the Co-Operative in The Moy to do my own Shopping; I am a Card-Carrying member of the Co-Operative group; and came back in a better frame of mind.

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