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‘For Those Left Behind’ by Seán Maguire

Article by Seán Maguire © 5 June 2019 .
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It is almost two years since the release of my collection of poetry, ‘For Those Left Behind’.

The poems reflect on what I described at the time, as the ‘human debris’ of over 30 years of violent political conflict in the north of Ireland. Too many families on all sides have been left to pick up the pieces including those who still bare the physical and psychological scars.

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Seán Maguire was born and raised in the north of Ireland. Seán lived through thirty years of political conflict, euphemistically referred to as, ‘The Troubles’.

During three decades of horrendous violence over 3,600 people were killed and over 50,000 were injured.

It was a terrible time to be a child or a teenager, playing sports and street games often a few yards from gun battles and riots. Despite the bombings and shootings people went about normal everyday life.

This violent landscape provides the backdrop to the melancholy, and expressive imagery evident in Seán’s poems.

Interestingly, Seán cites the English anti-war poet Wilfred Owen among his early influences. Owen’s technical skills and his use of details of war to describe scenes that were horrific and memorable had a major impression on Seán whilst studying English Literature at school.

Seán believes that the creative arts, particularly poetry, drama and music can help broken societies to reflect on war and history to help to prevent the past becoming the future.

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