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Help! I Need a Writer!

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Hubert O'Hearn

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We Have a July sale!


For just €150 we will read and professionally analyse your manuscript. Any size. 8 day turnaround and if you are not satisfied, we will give you a 100% return of your payment.

Some professional editors charge independent authors €3000 to read and comment on a manuscript. In return, you can wait 30 days and just get back a letter with a few suggestions.

Help! I Need a Writer! is different. Our editors, proofreaders and writers – all top pros – work with you individually. We can get back to you with a fully annotated manuscript of your 300 page novel in one week or even less. After that, we’ll continue to work with you as you revise and re-draft. Best of all – YOU set the price. We will match you with a pro who can service your need.

Besides that, we offer writing assistance and commentary on everything from school essays, poems, speeches – you name it! If it has words in it, we can do it.

Come look at our Facebook page and if you have any questions – please ask!


https://www.facebook.com/HelpINeedAWriter?fref=tsHelp! I Need a Writer!

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