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Introducing Myself by Maurizio Bisogno

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Maurizio Bisogno

It is always a challenge to introduce yourself to a group of new people, especially when one intends to describe an activity to which one is dedicated for decades. I am writing since the age of 16. This sounds as if I want to impress, but it’s the plain truth. I started writing in English only since 1995, stimulated by the course I took on one year earlier.

I am an “inner traveller”; that is the best definition I can find, and this is how I started when my poems came out of my pen, with burning eyes and smoky throat. The inner journey never stopped and my nacelle was and is my pen.

Most of my written work is available on amazon.com; the main titles are “Introduction to Philosophy“, “Don’t Go Abroad, Go Within”, several other smaller publications.
“L’assente”, “La filosofia è la vita”, “Alla ricerca del segreto iniziatico” (in Italian).
I still write some poems when life demands it.

I am particularly interested in making known the book “Don’t Go Abroad, Go Within” because I have a big project on the same use of philosophy practice. I wouldn’t say that I aim at entertaining, instead my goal is the discovery of the Self to live a better life, and the invitation, through my written work, to others to use this approach and be happier.

So, hopefully some good will come out of this participation to Writing.ie

Happy writing.

Maurizio Bisogno

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