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Letting Your Character Take Control by Lissa Oliver

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Lissa Oliver

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I’m new to blogging here and, if past output is taken into consideration, still new to blogging full stop! Strange, when I find any excuse to write during my spare time, while my professional day is spent writing! There I am, nose in my notebook, in the Leopardstown parade ring, pen never out of my hand.

The truth is, I am so immersed in writing I do nothing else of interest to blog about! When my publisher nailed me to a desk to produce blogs for the new book, Sainte Bastien, I let the characters write the blogs, as their lives were far more interesting than mine!

Dominic was as reluctant as I was and in as few words as possible made it clear he was under duress. Nick, like me, lacked the time for such nonsense, but produced several pages of his rant on life in general. Mark used his writing as therapy and revealed some inner wounds, even in the supposed lightness of his tone. Kym was amazed and delighted to even be asked, still coming to terms with new-found fame. Sophie just got on and did it.

I never saw anything of myself in her until now, but thinking about our respective handling of The Blog, Sophie and I have much in common. A common sense approach to whatever is laid before us, good or bad, and the ability to deal with it and make the best of it. So what if I should really be typing furiously on the next feature, with its impending deadline? I found the time to blog after all and what a welcome break from work it is!

We all need a break some time and what a great opportunity to think and evaluate. A girl could get used to this blogging malarkey!

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