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Losing the Plot? By Mary Campbell

Article by Mary Campbell © 5 April 2019 .
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Are we losing the plot? I don’t just mean from a literary point of view. Much of the material and inspiration for my writing comes from what’s going on in the world around me. Writing new and exciting material is always a struggle but I would find it very difficult to sit down and create something new and imaginary without some influence from the everyday things I see. A sensitive creature by nature I am greatly moved by disasters and tragedies, by new inventions, social change and miracles. I cry at the drop of a hat or the birth of a baby elephant in the zoo, a creature which I may never even cross paths with. I draw on the pain and suffering of others, almost like osmosis, for want of a better word and weave that pain and empathy into the very fabric of my work. That’s why I feel so strongly about social issues and none more so than our rapidly self-destructing planet. We seem to have digressed exponentially in recent times and are rapidly losing the plot when it comes to safeguarding the future of our species. For millions of years the earth was an ever evolving and improving landscape for all creatures and life forms, yet in the space of a few hundred years we have turned all of that on its head. Wisdom has been replaced with greed and short- sightedness that cannot see beyond our own horizons. If we cannot see it, then it is of little consequence. For thousands of years writers have opened the world up to their readers with powerful messages for all mankind. This is our responsibility to write the wrongs and put the world to rights.

My daughter who is twelve has recently started secondary school and it seems she has matured mentally and emotionally overnight. She has developed a passion for saving our planet, inspired by the likes of Greta Thunberg and others on social media, to the point that she is trying to convert us all to vegans. While I endorse her beliefs we have had to scale this back to a couple of vegetarian days per week for now, but that said, we are all much more socially conscious now in our house and doing lots of little things to change our consumeristic ways. We are buying less and trying to find new and innovative ways to recycle within our own home.

It seems the whole world has lost the plot when it comes to spending, and wasteful occupations and if we can make small changes however insignificant in our own home while encouraging people within our own social circle to follow suit then maybe someday soon we can look forward to a brighter future for us all.

As writers we can influence others with our passion for change by embedding it in our prose and poetry, touching their hearts with our emotional pleas, whether subtly implied or openly shouted for our readers benefit. We have all heard the saying that the pen is mightier than the sword and have seen this to be the case with the media swaying public opinion so easily on political and other matters in the past. Isn’t it our duty then to share our thoughts and opinions in our writing in the same manner? We may not garner the big headlines, but our words will stay with people longer in the stories we lovingly create for them. Let us use our swords well!

Planet Lost

Fishing plastics from our oceans
Was never in God’s plan
We should eat the brooks resources
Never build a dam

We were meant to share with others
Not throw away our food
Or burn our unsold produce
While the homeless root

We should be plucking from nature
Her balms and her cures
Using time honoured remedies
Avoiding pharmaceutical lures

Our landfills are growing bigger
As consumerism soars
Leaching chemicals into our rivers
From which our water pours

Rain forests that replenish our air
Are slain for paper cups
Soon discarded everywhere
To sate our coffee lust

Industries emit harmful gasses
To create a better world?
Building luxury goods for the masses
While whole mountains of forestry burn

Slaves to take away fast food
Over processed, over cheap
Pumping poisons into our children’s blood
Putting farmers on the scrap heap

Climate change alone won’t kills us
But materialism will
Fuelling more poverty and abuse
Ingesting chemicals that kill

We need to go back to our roots
And help our planet heal and grow
For when it dies, it’s us who’ll lose
We will reap what we sow!

(c) Mary Campbell

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