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Lydia Goodfellow – A psychological, dark romance

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Lydia Goodfellow

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Stolen in broad daylight on her way home from school, for Ava Hanlon, the nightmare is only just beginning. So young and achingly naïve, Ava is no match for her depraved new master, Father Mathew Aaron, a well-respected priest, and a man hellbent on consuming her innocence to the very last drop.

There is no hope. No light. There is only Callum. A troubled, tormented young man imprisoned in the same room as her. As each day slips by without rescue, all that is left is this fierce, dark entity stirring between them—something far more threatening to her virtue than even Father Aaron’s obsessive game. Something so powerful, it may just make her want to stay for keeps.

A dark psychological romance that’s full of twists and turns you won’t see coming.


Living in the hills of Ireland and spending several years writing books online. Lydia’s dream has always been to one day become a published author. When she isn’t escaping into the many worlds inside her head, she’s a devoted mother to three beautiful children, plants, and her partner.

Lydia is an edgy writer who enjoy’s dabbling in genres such as dark romance, contemporary romance, psychological thriller/ suspense, and sometimes even the supernatural.

She has so far self-published two novels and has plenty more to come.

  • www.designforwriters.com
  • allianceindependentauthors.org

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