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Memories by Lissa Oliver

Article by Lissa Oliver © 28 August 2019 .
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Are we all lazy writers or is it just me?

Facebook has this tendency to remind you of memories. Not all of them are those you want to remember. Let’s face it, but for my publisher drumming into me the necessity of marketing, I wouldn’t even be on Facebook. But I’m beginning to see his point.

Today’s memory I apparently needed to share was from 2016. On my own I can’t even remember that far back. But wait a minute, what’s that three-year-old post? The kernel of an idea for the next novel has been formulated? Three years ago?!!

I’d be delighted if that referred to my last published novel. As it is, it refers to the current novel-in-progress. Still in progress. Not actually for three years, of course. It’s only been in progress for a year. Or so. The rest was thought. Character development. Thought. And a bit more thought.

Of course, I could argue that it’s Facebook’s fault. How long does it take to post and reply and nose through the net curtains at the lives of others? They’re supposed to be nosing at me and rushing out to buy my books! This marketing malarkey is actually time-consuming. It has resulted (directly?) in a No.1, Chantilly Dawns. My Nero book saw a mad rush of 750 sales for two days in May and 775 over three days last week. Blank for every single other day this year. Is that marketing (and by whom, because it wasn’t me!) or just freaky?

None of which gets the next book written. Grey Motive, still in progress. Or, at least, it will be, when I stop blogging…

Lissa Oliver

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